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Accelerate Growth: Why our team must attend DevTalks 2024

If your team is thinking of attending the largest tech conference dedicated to developers and IT professionals in Romania, we got your back.

In this article you will find a list of benefits that your team needs to talk about when choosing to attend DevTalks on 29-30 May at Romexpo, B1. 

Also, we’ve created 2 templates to help you pitch to your manager why you absolutely need to attend DevTalks. 

Let’s follow the arguments you can use to convince your team:

  1. DevTalks has the largest tech community in Romania. Being part of DevTalks Romania, means to join a community of 60k developers, IT professionals and executives who are exposed to trends in technology and they actively participate in large scale projects. 
  • at one DevTalks edition you can find over 8000 participants from across the globe;
  • over 150 international and national speakers;
  • 14 content stages dedicated to various tech trends and advancements.

These factors and all the forces around, position DevTalks Romania as the leading platform for the tech community in the country. 

  1. Have you checked our imbattable Group Deals?  For us it is important to support your budget and to be accessible for as many colleagues as it is possible. If you are a group of 2 to 5 or even larger, please follow these options for you:
  • Group of 2-10 people: 12 % discount REGULAR tickets, 15% discount VIP tickets, 15% discount DevLead tickets.
  • Group of 11-20 people: 22% discount REGULAR tickets, 25% discount VIP tickets, 20% discount DevLead tickets.
  • Group of 21-30 people: 32% discount REGULAR tickets, 35% discount VIP tickets, 25% discount DevLead tickets.
  • Group of 31-40 people: 42% discount REGULAR tickets, 45% discount VIP tickets, 30% discount DevLead tickets.
  • Group of 41-50 people: 52% discount REGULAR tickets, 50% discount VIP tickets, 35% discount DevLead tickets.
  • Group of 51-70 people: 58% discount REGULAR tickets, 55% discount VIP tickets, 40% discount DevLead tickets.
  • Group of 71-100: 60% discount REGULAR tickets, 58% discount VIP tickets, 45% discount DevLead tickets.

Just reach us via our social platforms or at and tell us how many you are, and we can make it work!

3. Diverse community. DevTalks attracts speakers and attendees from diverse backgrounds, and by this we mean that you have a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives. Engaging with individuals with different experiences and viewpoints can encourage innovative thinking.

Follow these links to see the benefits you have if you are a: 

- Web developer;

- BigData & Cloud enthusiast;

- Java developer;

- Cybersecurity Specialist;

4. Hands-on sessions. We are committed to host as many hands-on sessions as we can where you can gain practical experience and go deeper into specific technologies or methodologies. These interactive sessions will allow you to apply the learning tips in real-time and gain valuable practical skills. This year we are introducing a surprise factor for our participants so it will be possible to attend roundtables with internationals. 

5. Inspiration and connection to trends in Tech. We offer you the perfect playground to stay updated with the latest trends which is crucial for you as a professional in the tech industry. Also inspiration as well. So, DevTalks Romania provides a platform to learn about emerging technologies, innovative approaches, and industry developments, helping you to stay ahead of the curve.

6. 14 stages of Content during 2 days. Artificial Intelligence has been the center of our main stage since the beginning. You can also find stages like Security, Web, Mobile, Women in Tech, Future of Engineering, Java, Big Data & Cloud, DevOps, Game Development and Product. 

7. 85 areas of networking and learning. When we founded DevTalks we hoped to have an impact in your story as developers, IT professionals, leads and not only. We aimed to bring on stage projects and challenges no one talked about publicly. Now, after 10 years of existence, we think we did succeed to bring impactful subjects on the table such as Tech Edu Area, Product, Women in Tech, DevLead, Robotics and so on and we only hope they have a positive impact in the community. Won’t be possible without you anyways, our community, our gathering of forces like we like to say. 

8. 150 local and international speakers. This makes us feel so grateful. Ten years ago we started DevTalks with only 3 speakers, and now we had the chance to meet more than 150+ tech subject matter experts. 

9.Podcasts and live interviews. Take the most out of these 2 days, address questions that you are curious about, we have the opportunity to build a great content area and don’t forget to check also our podcasts and live interviews. These are also a force of inspiration. 

10. Personal Growth. At the end of each interview, maybe you’ve followed one question that stays"What is your message for the Dev Community?". Each and every answer summarizes the same idea. GROW. Don’t settle, expand your horizons, challenge yourself, and live to your full potential. Look for  environments that encourage continuous learning and growth.

Now, let’s gather our forces together and make your participation possible at DevTalks Romania. We are here to send you the top arguments you need for bringing your team to the largest tech conference in Romania. 

Follow also the templates below where you can find the benefits you can use  to attend DevTalks, what you can learn from our event and costs (including travel, meals etc. if applicable).

Feel free to make these templates to fit your style, and send them to your manager & team. With our support, you're guaranteed a front-row seat to an unforgettable DevTalks experience:

See you in May! 

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