If you are a Security engineer, dev, professional or enthusiast, check this article and see why you should attend DevTalks - DevTalks Romania

If you are a Security engineer, dev, professional or enthusiast, check this article and see why you should attend DevTalks

Cybersecurity is vital for our 2024 Agenda, one of the central stages where we will approach the safety of our digital infrastructure and personal information.

As tech continues to play such a big role from financial transactions to healthcare data storage, the evolution of AI, the stakes have never been higher. With the spread of internet-connected devices and the growing sophistication of cyber threats, the importance of cybersecurity discussions at DevTalks cannot be overstated. 

Now if we got your attention, let’s dive deep. Let’s see what you can find at our CyberSecurity stage:

1. Our lineup promises valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity:

  1. Brian Wagner- CTO at Revenir
  2. Akshata Sawant- Senior Developer Advocate at Salesforce
  3. Joseph Katsioloudes- Developer Advocate at GitHub Security Lab
  4. Deepak Daswani - IT Engineer, Hacker, Cybersecurity Expert

2. Find out more about new security measures that are always being developed. As cyber-security expert finds new threats and innovative ways to counter them. Employees must be trained on how to utilize end-user security software in order to get the most out of it. Whether you’re mid-level developer or architect who’s curious about API Security and how to achieve it, we’ve got you.

3. Connect with special guests. On the 30th of May, Akshata Sawant is taking the stage talking about „ Zero Trust Security for your APIs”. Also Joseph Katsioloudes is holding a speech about „Breaking Barriers: The Art of (Free) Gamified Security Training” . „ A journey through cyberspace” is another great subject held by Deepak Daswani.

4. The advantage of being a part of Dev Community. Besides the Security stage you can relate to more than 60 000 professionals nationally, specialists all over the country that attend our conferences and create a more secure and safe environment for future generations.

Do you need to convince your manager to approve your participation? We got your back. You can go back to the main article, and there we have prepared some templates you can give him + all the benefits of attending DevTalks. You'll definitely convince him!

Here is a short recap of the links:

Excited to share our story and we only hope we can make a small impact in yours! See you at DevTalks!

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