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Why Attend

DevTalks is the largest expo conference for software developers and IT professionals in Romania where, every year, key leaders and tech enthusiasts talk about the latest & most exciting aspects of the industry.

For 2 days, the DevTalks Conference provides an excellent platform to keep you up-to-date with the latest industry trends, bringing technical communities together, where the most important local and international key leaders share their knowledge and contribute to the future of the tech industry. This time, the conference will be held exclusively in-person, allowing you to attend workshops and listen to expert talks.

On 21st - 22nd of June, DevTalks will gather the romanian IT community, alongside 100+ international and local speakers on the 14 stages. In this edition, we will talk about Java, DevOps, Mobile, Future of Engineering, Web, QA & Testing, Gaming, Women In Tech, BigData & Cloud, Security, DevLead, and Product World.


Past Editions

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Our Partners

DevOps Stage Partner

Women in Tech Stage Partner

Data Management

Web Stage Partner

Product World Stage Partner

C++ in Automotive

BigData & Cloud Stage Partner

FinTech Area Partner

Java Stage Partner

Mobile Stage Partner

Software with impact

Future of Engineering Stage Partner

DevLead Stage Partner