About us

The largest expo conference for software developers and IT professionals in Romania, gathering over 8000 participants from all over the world. Every year, key leaders and tech enthusiasts talk about the latest & most exciting aspects of the industry.

For 3 days, the DevTalks conference provides an excellent platform to keep you up-to-date with the latest industry trends, bringing technical communities together, where the most important local and international key leaders share their knowledge and contribute to the future of the tech industry.

This time, the conference will be held online & in-person, allowing you to attend workshops and listen to expert talks.

On 8-10th of June, DevTalks will gather 8000+ IT professionals from all over Romania and not only and 100+ international and local speakers with 15 conferences. In this edition, we will talk about Java, DevOps, Mobile, Future of Engineering, Web, QA & Testing, CodeClash, Women In Tech, BigData & Cloud, Security, DevLead, and Product Management.

"AI & Innovation. Humanity Reimagined" represents our engine this year and perhaps the greatest agent of change in the modern world that will bring so many tech challenges to our future.

8th of June 2022

Connect with top leaders and professional experts from all around the world. This conference offers valuable learning sessions, keynotes with live demos and case studies.

  • Main Stage
  • Java Stage
  • DevOps Stage
  • Mobile Stage
  • Future of Engineering Stage

9th of June 2022

We joined forces in order to develop an Agenda that will meet all of your expectations. Collecting feedback from our participants & speakers for the past 8 years we believe that we’ve managed to put together a powerful tool that can contribute to your learning process.

  • Main Stage
  • Web Stage
  • QA & Testing Stage
  • CodeClash Stage
  • Women in Tech Stage

10th of June 2022

Data, AI & ML has always been a popular subject in our DevTalks Network. We keep our main focus to bring the best strategies and tools, now with even more effervescent topics to be discussed and approached by professional leaders.

  • BigData & Cloud Stage
  • Security Stage
  • DevLead Stage
  • Product Management Stage
  • Masterclasses Stage

Past Editions

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