If you are a big data or cloud developer, expert, here is what to find out about our Big Data & Cloud Stage. - DevTalks Romania

If you are a big data or cloud developer, expert, here is what to find out about our Big Data & Cloud Stage.

At DevTalks, the largest tech conference dedicated to developers and IT proffesionals in Romania, you have the chance to explore a wide range of technologies and trends.

Even if it’s about backend, frontend, cloud or AI we made sure to create an entire experience for you, with live demos, practical sessions and insightful keynotes.

Here are 4 insights about the BigData & Cloud Stage in 2024:

  1. It’s not a surprise that is already fully equiped with speakers from some of the tech giants, who are ready to share their knowledge and experience in the industry with the Dev community:
  • Gavin Chan – VP Software Engineer at J.P Morgan Asset Management;
  • Fawaz Ghali - Principal Data Science Architect and Head of Developer Relations at Hazelcast;
  • Thomas Schuetz – Lead Cloud Engineer at Whiz.
  • Mohammed Aboullaite -  Sr. Backend Engineer at Spotify.

2. Discover how cloud computing is enabling businesses to grow quickly and adapt easily by changing the way they manage data processing, analysis, and storage. Using well-known platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, discover directly how to create and maintain cloud-native apps through interactive demos and practical discussions. Our speakers will walk you through real-world examples using interactive sessions, demonstrating how to use cloud services to boost productivity, optimize procedures, and achieve profitable outcomes.

3. Technical content and challenges that you should be aware of at its finest:

a. Advancing Application Delivery: Blending GitOps, Platforms, and AI in the Tech Wonderland:

Learn about emerging technologies like Platforms, AI, and GitOps are revolutionizing application delivery and software development, but their integration and application in daily tasks remain unclear.

b. Boosting Similarity Search With Real-time Stream Processing:

Learn more about similarity search and vector databases aim to find similar results for unstructured data, such as text, images, and videos. A hybrid approach combines vector databases' strengths with traditional search and filtering techniques based on real-time stream processing. This approach simplifies data ingest, enrichment, prediction, and action, while leveraging real-time compute APIs to leverage distributed cluster processing capabilities. This unique synergy enables applications to address real-time use cases at any scale.

c. Move fast, build things… safely!

For the fans out there, we are bringing a special guest who will explore the principles of Formula 1 and the lessons we can learn from it for designing, constructing, shipping, and securing our systems.

d. The Power of Modern Data Management in Quant Finance:

Explore data management strategies' evolution in quantitative finance, focusing on three transformations: traditional to distributed storage, fast processing, and data quality and privacy. It highlights their strategic benefits across various industries.

4. Community and Networking Opportunities: One of the most rewarding experience is that by attending our Big Data & Cloud at DevTalks will provide excellent networking opportunities. Attendees can connect with fellow Big Data specialists, cloud developers like the one mentioned above.

If you are eager to attend our stages, don’t hesitate to request a group offer for you and your colleagues and everything will be settled for our gathering on 29-30 May at Romexpo, Pavilion B1.

Do you need to convince your manager to approve your participation? We got your back. You can go back to the main article, and there we have prepared some templates you can give him + all the benefits of attending DevTalks. You'll definitely convince him!

Here is a shor recap of the links:

Excited to share our story and we only hope we can make a small impact in yours! See you at DevTalks!

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