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Tuesday 05 Sep, 2023

DevTalks Cluj – the place where Tech Giants will reunite

In the challenging world of technology, the tech partners pave the way to a groundbreaking edition of DevTalks Cluj.

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Monday 19 Jun, 2023

Unveiling the Maestros: Spotlighting Benjamin Bischoff

While the speakers themselves may steal the spotlight, it is the brilliant minds and dedicated craftsmanship of these people that bring them to life. Get to know Benjamin Bischoff!

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Monday 19 Jun, 2023

Berta Herrero caught our eyes

Berta Herrero, the Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Huawei Europe will join us between the 21st nd 22nd of June at DevTalks, on the Women In Tech Stage. Before meeing her, let’s get to know her better.

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Thursday 15 Jun, 2023

Syed Rehan, beneath the DevTalks spotlight

We love to explore the fascinating aspects of our speakers’ life, uncover their motivations, and shed light on the diverse facets that contribute to their captivating presence. Let’s meet Syed Rehan, Sr Global IoT Cybersec...

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Wednesday 14 Jun, 2023

Behind the Scenes: Revealing Phil Nash’s Background and Passions

Get ready to be inspired by Phil Nash, on the Main Stage, but first let’s meet the person behind the speaker!

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Wednesday 14 Jun, 2023

Visible and invisible power of computation with Davood Shamsi

Davood Shamsi, Adjunct Professor at Stanford University is ready to unveil the Visible and invisible power of computation, on the 22nd of June, on the Main Stage. Let’s get more familiar with his talk before we meet!

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Tuesday 13 Jun, 2023

Breaking Barriers with Edwige Fiaclou, at DevTalks 2023

Edwige Fiaclou stands as a shining example of what it means to overcome obstacles, blaze new trails, and inspire others along her way. With her unwavering determination, profound expertise, and a relentless pursuit of excelle...

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Thursday 08 Jun, 2023

Dive deep into DevTalks 2023 and find out more about our old friend, Reza Rahman

Reza Rahman, our dear friend, is coming once again to DevTalks to inspire you with his game-changing talk about „A Freakonomic Take on Open Standards and Jakarta EE”, on the Java Stage! Let’s get closer to him before meet...

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Friday 02 Jun, 2023

Empowering Your Development with FP: Understanding and Practice with Ties Van De Ven. Get to know him better.

Introducing to you our speaker, Ties Van de Ven - Software Consultant at JDriven. Ties Van de Ven will grace the DevLead stage with his remarkable expertise on development. Be ready to be inspired and enlightened by him!...

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