Throwback to DevTalks Romania @ Daniel Appelquist - Web, IoT, Privacy - DevTalks Romania

Throwback to DevTalks Romania @ Daniel Appelquist - Web, IoT, Privacy

DevTalks Romania @Daniel Appelquist - Web, IoT, Privacy

Daniel Appelquist is a Web and Mobile industry veteran and Open Source Strategist at Samsung Electronics. He said in 2019 at DevTalks Romania “We need to start giving more respect to ethical principles when we are designing both services and the underlying platform if we want the web to stay healthy and continue to be beneficial to society”.

Daniel was our speaker at DevTalks Cluj-Napoca, on Web & Mobile Stage talking about “Web, IoT, Privacy”

Here is a sneak peek down below from his session, but also check you can the entire speech right here.

Web Bluetooth API and its implementation.

What's most interesting about this is that all this JavaScript is executing inside of the browser. So you don't have the need to download anything in order to access. Basically, you're using the Web Bluetooth API, which is the API that shipped in from its shipped sipping chromium. Therefore, it simply can't opera and Samsung internet. There is interest to develop or intends to implement. Firefox and edge. It's a API that is that is developed inside of WPC community group, a B, three C. C, community groups are places where developers can go to actually incubate ideas. And this idea came from actually coming from Unity is something that we in the WPC community would like to see pushed out and other implementations as well.

Once you visit the Bluetooth API labs, in JavaScript, to search for devices around you connect to Wi Fi, it presents that pairing UI, it doesn't allow you to just generally skin the area around you for Bluetooth signatures, by the way, because that's definitely a privacy issue.

Web Bluetooth, IoT, and GDPR.

When that pairing UI comes up that I just showed, basically, you're using some very simple JavaScript API, to Yes, I'm presenting code to, to request that this pairing UI comes up. And then you, you present you, you provide a name prefix, which it will look for devices that match that name prefix. Again, it's not able to just scan devices around you just you can't just visit a webpage and have it passively scan, Bluetooth things around you. Because that's that would be contrary to your privacy. Then this pairing UI comes up, you're able to choose which device you want, in this case, this Travis drone.

And then you get a kind of web, you're able to use this promises based API to sit, send and receive information from the drone, or from any Bluetooth device. Now if you know something about Bluetooth, you'll know that they're the thing these things called gap profiles. Basically, the Web Bluetooth API plugs into that gap profile, or which enables you to send this data and receive data.

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