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Steliana Moraru

Steliana Moraru

Chief Operating Officer
OTP Leasing

Steliana Moraru is COO at OTP Leasing, part of the OTP banking group. She is a senior professional with a robust background in business management, digital transformation, operations, and marketing, as well as CSR and academia. Her approach to change within her company is hands-on and results-driven, with a successful track record in implementing strategies and leading various teams, including those in digital projects, IT, marcomm, client service, logistics, and quality control. As a catalyst for operational excellence, she has adeptly charted and executed strategies that have strengthened the company's position in a competitive market. Her leadership style has been instrumental in mentoring and managing strategic teams, ensuring their collective efforts lead to significant business achievements. Previously, she focused primarily on developing innovative projects that harness technology for social good and software product development. She has managed or been part of teams that developed groundbreaking tech projects, e-government initiatives, and social welfare technology projects, primarily in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) market.

As a Certified Business Coach and lecturer, Steliana is dedicated to promoting a culture of innovation, enabler leadership, and continuous improvement. She holds a PhD and has received various certifications and academic accolades, including studies at the Maastricht School of Management and MIT.

Steliana is passionate about mentoring, especially in supporting the growth of women in leadership and technology roles. She is actively involved in activities aiming to promote diversity and inclusion and holds different seats in local and international organization boards. 


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