Nikolay Plamenov Avramov - Team Lead/Automate The Planet - DevTalks Romania


Nikolay Plamenov Avramov

Nikolay Plamenov Avramov

Team Lead
Automate The Planet

With more than 10 years of experience, he started his career in the field from ground zero - from taking part in the Telerik Academy to becoming a Principal QA Engineer/ Ninja that is at the heart of any innovation or automation initiative.

Through his work, he has developed and integrated multiple custom frameworks and tools used across the entire company. He found his true passion in Automation while looking for a ‘weapon’ to fight the boring, non-productive daily tasks that a QA faces.

By reducing the manual repeatable jobs, he believes that we can make the world a better place, full of happy and productive people that are ready to tackle the next challenging task, instead of the next pile of test scenarios to cover by hand. He is a passionate technology geek and automation specialist that strives to implement optimizations and achieve high-quality standards in any aspect of life.