Alireza Chegini - Senior DevOps Engineer/S-RM - DevTalks Romania


Alireza Chegini

Alireza Chegini

Senior DevOps Engineer

Alireza is a software engineer with more than 20 years of experience in software development. He studied computer software in his hometown, Tehran. At the same time, he started his career as a software developer. In recent years he transitioned into DevOps practices and worked for Banks in the Netherlands, helping them move away from traditional development workflows and embrace a DevOps culture. Additionally, Alireza coached many organizations as Azure Specialists in their migration journey to the public cloud. He is also part of the Microsoft MCT program as a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

He is fond of sharing knowledge and helping others. In his spare time, he writes articles, Reference Cards, and Trend Reports for IT communities like, and he participates as a speaker in events and conferences. He also enjoys game development and flying his Dron