Miro Alexandrov - Head of Artificial Intelligence/Ipsos - DevTalks Romania


Miro Alexandrov

Miro Alexandrov

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Head of AI, Total Operations at Ipsos: Miro Alexandrov, a distinguished leader with extensive experience in managing startups and operational centers for Ipsos across multiple countries and regions, recognized by Forbes in the category of Top Survey and Market Research Companies. His illustrious journey with Ipsos includes key roles such as Head of Transformation and more recently, Head of Global Scripting, where he has pioneered strategic transformation and automation of end-to-end processes. Miro's solid educational foundation includes an MBA from the University of National and World Economy and a Bachelor's in Informatics from Ruse University, underpinning his proficiency in technology and business management. He has been instrumental in driving strategic operational transformation, automation, and digitalization of processes and operations. Known for his innovative technological approach, Miro is credited with implementing highly sophisticated workflows built on top-tier technology solutions, optimized for efficiency and client benefits. His fluency in English, Bulgarian, some Romanian, and Russian, coupled with his vast experience, uniquely positions him to understand and cater to diverse technological and business needs.


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