Shirley McPhaul - Independent Researcher/CodexLudi - DevTalks Romania


Shirley McPhaul

Shirley McPhaul

Independent Researcher

Shirley is a digital culture and video games scholar with over ten years of experience in research, education and community outreach. She’s co-founder of the Puerto Rico Game Developer’s Association, a Women in Games Ambassador, and a recipient of the IGDA Foundation’s 2020 Velocity Scholarship. Shirley has been paying attention to the blockchain & crypto space (now generally referred to as “Web3”) since 2020, and has been an advocate and facilitator for the average person to participate in building the future of the web ever since, most notably through her work as Director of Education and Community Outreach for the Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association (PRBTA), where she lead the organization’s efforts to bring Web3 literacy resources and accessible knowledge to Puertorricans.


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