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Alex Bordei

Alex Bordei

Flutter Developer

Alex Bordei is a seasoned full-stack developer with a decade's journey through web, API, and mobile development, crafting custom solutions that stand out. Esteemed in the tech realm, his journey is adorned with speaking engagements at over 30 IT conferences worldwide. Alex's discourse spans IoT innovations, virtual assistants, web and mobile development techniques, and cybersecurity, leaving a mark on prestigious stages like WordCamp Europe, Codecamp, DevFest Romania, and DevTalks Romania. Beyond sharing knowledge, Alex champions community spirit, volunteering and spearheading events such as WordCamp Europe and the Flutter Bucharest Meetup, nurturing ecosystems where technology enthusiasts can thrive. At the heart of his technological explorations lies a fervent passion for the Internet of Things (IoT), where Alex delves into the potential of interconnectedness and innovation.


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