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Octavian Stoica

Octavian Stoica

Java Developer

I've been playing this RPG for more than 10 years. Why RPG? Because a software engineer plays multiple roles. A very small example - each time I investigate issues (hopefully that weren't introduced by me) I say that I have to put my detective hat on. As an RPG we need to improve our skill set and to discover various tools in order to level up. Continuous learning is the key. 


I like to think that I am on the path to becoming a true software craftsman. For me, quality and fast delivery are complementary. In case you haven't guessed yet, I am a big Uncle Bob fan. 


I am also a trail runner, I enjoy long distances. Though most of us work in sprints, we shouldn't forget that a project is a marathon and may even become an ultramarathon. 



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