Arne Lapõnin - Senior Consultant, Data & Artificial Intelligence/Thoughtworks - DevTalks Romania


Arne Lapõnin

Arne Lapõnin

Senior Consultant, Data & Artificial Intelligence

Arne Lapõnin, hailing from Estonia—a global hub for startups and innovative e-Government services—brings a rich background in data engineering to his role as a Senior Consultant Data Engineer at Thoughtworks. With a passion for harnessing the power of data to empower decision-making, Arne has dedicated the past few years to assisting clients in developing robust data platforms, thereby enabling faster and more effective insight extraction. His expertise is deeply rooted in his native Estonia's pioneering digital landscape, fueling his fascination with data-driven solutions. Outside of the tech world, Arne is an avid climber and longboarder, with a taste for exceptional coffee.


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