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Stelian Brad

Stelian Brad

Cluj IT Cluster

Stelian Brad is a recognized authority in the IT and robotics sectors, with dual PhDs in Engineering and Economics. As a University Professor at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, specializing in robotics and innovation management, he is at the forefront of academic research and education. In his role as CEO and entrepreneur, he has spearheaded global business strategies across many countries, emphasizing innovation and R&D. A pioneer in innovation, Stelian has led many R&D activities and introduced process innovations. His extensive experience in cluster management has been marked by organizational innovations and robust project management frameworks.  Notable for his work in intelligent robotics and inventive design, Stelian has been an invited speaker at many international forums and events. His expertise encompasses a range of cutting-edge technologies such as industrial and social robotics, AI, machine learning, deep learning for inventive design, and innovation engineering, establishing him as a versatile expert in the tech industry.