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Georgiana Alina Conete

Georgiana Alina Conete

Data Platform Manager

Georgiana is a Data Platform Manager at eMAG and has been in the industry for the past 15 years. Her passion for tech started in high school, and she graduated from the Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics, and Informatics. Her career began in Oracle, where she had the chance to work with some of the best data products at that time and to understand all the different ways you can use data to drive decisions in a business, from understanding trends and analyzing current company performance to predicting demand patterns, potential risks, and opportunities.


She is passionate about data analytics and the opportunities technology offers today to optimize and automate processes and repetitive activities, allowing us to focus on the creative initiatives that can make a difference. In her current position, she shifted the technology focus from the classic Data Warehousing area to the newer Big Data technologies, which helped her focus more towards the abilities of the BI teams to discover valuable insights in a significant amount of information and to provide near real-time KPIs to support a quick decision-making process.