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Lorena Trambitas

Lorena Trambitas

CRM Specialist

    • I engage business users with IT initiatives. My current role as IT manager for end user experience combines my pursuit of creativity with my passion for technology. I spend most of my time listening to our users, taking their feedback to technical people, and sending IT communications. After my first month promoting technical projects on Yammer, 674% more people read posts and there were 696% more reactions to it. I also have experience fostering employee involvement. Co-founded and promoted a volunteering community where +2600 employees donated 11,000+ hours in one year. I am knowledgeable in both (creative) writing and communications, as well as consulting businesses to improve financial and HR KPIs using Cloud solutions. As a freelance content writer, I work with a global video production company, writing content for landing pages and websites for 100+ countries. I love good stories and during my spare time I write short fiction. I am always debating, sharing a joke, or dancing.



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