Arjuna "AJ" Sath - Co-Founder & Head of Production/Beat Em Hub UG - DevTalks Romania


Arjuna "AJ" Sath

Arjuna "AJ" Sath

Co-Founder & Head of Production
Beat Em Hub UG

I am one of the co-founders of Beat Em Hub, a Berlin-based, community-driven gaming network, event organizer, and game-career facilitator. Coming from 10+ years in the tech and gaming industries, having a variety of roles including a background in development, I focus now on enabling direct connections between individuals seeking gaming careers, and employers & universities invested in their growth and development. At Beat Em Hub, one of our main goals is to use gaming as a way of connecting individuals regardless of their background to foster and develop creativity while highlighting the diversity, inclusivity, and creativity of the entire gaming community, especially towards the independent-studio gaming scene.


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