Madalin Dumitru

Madalin Dumitru

Founder & CEO
Cyber Smart Defence

Madalin Dumitru is the Founder & CEO of Cyber ​​Smart Defence. The company was founded to respond to the growing threats in cybersecurity. During the years, Madalin gathered specialists and ethical hackers, forming together a united, specialised team that can face any challenge in the field. Madalin also has a continuous contribution reflected into long term Customer relationship, building strategic partnerships with multinational companies and on-going research and development, always considering the cybersecurity market versatility and constant change that came as a requirement for staying relevant in the fight against cyber-criminals who always have found creative ways to exploit vulnerabilities. By joining forces with the Stefanini Group, Madalin helped in creating a global cybersecurity tower, capable of delivering all cybersecurity services on all continents. Madalin is also a respected commentator on cybersecurity issues and has previously been interviewed by the likes of NBC, Fox, ABC, Reuters and USA Today.


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