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Meeting the Head of AI at Artlist!

Amit Bendor, the Head Of AI at Artlist, is joining us at DevTalks Cluj to help you with insights on Taking AI to the Center Stage of Your Company! Before networking with him at Cluj Innovation Park, on the 27th of September, let’s find our more about him:

# Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Amit Bendor, Today I'm the head of AI & Data Science at Artlist. Coming with entrepreneurial background, after being involved in more than a few startups.  I'm also a long-time podcaster, co-hosting the #1 podcast in Israel on Software & AI. 

# What's the coolest tech gadget or tool you've ever owned, and what made it so special to you?

Not sure if it's the coolest, but I ordered an Oculus Quest headset just before Covid started.

It was one of the best purchases I had, as the first lockdown in Israel was quite strict - so every night I used my headset and spoke to people around the world about their situation and life. it helped me to still feel social while being closed in my flat.

# If you could invent any piece of technology that doesn't currently exist, what would it be and why? 

Today, I believe we don't see enough of the benefits of AI on our health. 

The main reason is we don't have access to our body's data at a granular level.

I would like (someday) to invent a bridge to connect between our technology (biology) and AI technology - to create for each and every one of us a BodyGPT 

# What's your favorite science fiction movie or TV show, and do you think any of the technology depicted in it could become a reality in the future?

The movie "Her" - and I think it will be a reality very soon.

Have you ever had a "eureka!" moment where you came up with a brilliant tech idea or solution out of the blue?

I consider myself a creative person, when I was younger I used to have ideas popping up every day or two. I must say most of them aren't as bright as I thought in hindsight. 

I do have those moments today, where I see how research progresses and I match it to a great feature or a business initiative. for example, Artlist's footage semantic search came exactly from a process like this.

# What was your IT journey like?

My IT journey started right after my mandatory military army service.

# What is the favourite part of your job?

The dynamic nature, where exciting new research is out on a weekly basis. Allows me to learn and innovate more than any other job. 

# How has the industry changed in the last 5 years?

Dramatically I must say.

When I just started my career, we worked on very simple learning algorithms which I never imagined will get to this level so fast. 

Even compared to the last 5 years, so many breakthroughs have happened and AI became something that everybody heard of, compared to the times where people where mostly puzzled while speaking on AI.

Prepare to join him at DevTalks Cluj-Napoca!

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