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Humanity Reimagined.

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2022 is the year of change. We dare to dream and to gather our forces around the new theme AI & Innovation. Humanity Reimagined.

Our ambition is to create an innovative playground for over 8000 developers and IT professionals who will develop the innovations made in engineering, AI, discoveries that make our life easier, go deeper in changing education as we know it and how technology can find cures for what we experience for centuries.

The results that technology has brought us in the last 2 years have been incredible and will showcase the current evolution and the next features that are in progress.

This direction in which we find Humanity Reimagined is a great opportunity to bring in front of our community some of the most wanted leading speakers & tech professionals from all around the world in one place.

Since 2014 DevTalks has created the most powerful network of software developers where the most important local and international key leaders from the industry connect to the latest trends in technology and contribute to the future of the tech industry. DevTalks has become a driver of change for the tech world, known as the most desired expo-conference for developers and IT professionals in Romania. Thus, the DevTalks network is succeeding to cover all year with valuable content and gatherings of the IT Community enlarging the network to more than 40 000 IT professionals and developers from all over Romania and internationally. In 2022, DevTalks will continue its journey and IT leaders, Java Champions, CEOs, Devs, students, evangelists will meet to celebrate new breakthroughs in technology. 100+ local and international speakers will join us online for 3 excellent days of tips & tricks and creative tech content shared knowledge and lots of surprises.

8th of June, 9th of June - In Person

Main Stage

An entire day full of emerging technologies where IT professionals and leaders from every corner of the world will spread the insides and news about cool topics like Blockchain, Robotics, Science and not only.

8th of June - Online

Java Stage

We dedicate a whole day to Java Champions and IT enthusiasts. Take advantage to learn more about the power of programming, frameworks and you can join valuable keynotes with live demos and case studies.

8th of June - Online

DevOps Stage

Join the DevOps journey, as we dive deep into top IT professionals knowledge. This event gives you the opportunity to get an in-depth insight into the software development life cycle.

8th of June - Online

Mobile Stage

Here's a look at some of the best ways to build your applications. Join proven experts who will share their experience, knowledge and best practices with the global developer community.

8th of June - Online

Future of Engineering Stage

On Future of Engineering we will bring you sessions that explore major trends.Top IT professionals will talk about the future of engineering and present to you things that you need to know if you want to succeed!

9th of June - Online

Web Stage

Join our Web Stage to get insights into some of the greatest minds in modern web development. This conference is a powerful tool for learning interesting facts and meet cool experts from all around the world.

9th of June - Online

QA & Testing Stage

On this stage you will learn all about software quality from our experts, share experiences and connect with your favourite mentors! Join us to learn testing trends and best practices that make their contribution to the smoother software development cycle and quality.

9th of June - Online

CodeClash Stage

The battle of technologies returns to this stage. Join the talks and find more about the best strategies and tools in IT industry, meet cool speakers on this dedicated stage where every tehnology has its own meaning.

9th of June - Online

Women in Tech Stage

Get ready for a dedicated agenda with insightful & technical talks from the women in tech community and not only. We dedicate an entire day to support diversity, but also great results of women passionate about technology.

10th of June - Online

BigData & Cloud Stage

With its countless opportunities, projects and sheer power and flexibility, the possibilities for developers seem to be never-ending. For this occasion, we have invited some of the most notable names from the BigData & Cloud universe.

10th of June - Online

Security Stage

Our focus is to discuss about the most common security trends and key points with tech professionals that give to you a lesson about how to protect your data, cyber insurance, security in ""work from anywhere"" concept and not only.

10th of June - In Person

DevLead Stage

Meet the giants from the IT industry! A new one-day conference oriented to CEO's, CTO's, Team Lead's, people with influence in top companies where will be shared secrets & best practices from their lives and will teach you what a successful leader really means.

10th of June - Online

Product Management Stage

Founders, CEO's, Head's of Product - the best people that can tell you about product Growth & Retention in a time that Humanity Reimagined.

10th of June - Online

Masterclasses Stage

Join us on our Tech Area for the most valuable content on Fintech, AR/VR, eCommerce, Gaming, Education, Automotive and many more.

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Speak at the 8th edition DevTalks conference in Bucharest, Romania (online and on-site) and engage with the IT community by sharing your knowledge, experience, thoughts, and innovative solutions.

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