Mircea Zamfira

I`m ing. Mircea Zamfira, a Computer Science Master Student at University Politehnica of Bucharest, my daily job is as Oracle Technology Consultant at a company named Logika IT Solutions and since 9`th grade building robots is part of my life.
Since than I built over 50 robots, for competitions like LineFollower, Micro,Mini and Mega-Sumo Robots or just simply drones, 3d printers, robotics kits to learn kids robotics, Smart-house prototyping, RC Cars and a cheap microscope wo can be used to see blood cells.
I am a TeamFlex member for 5 years and won a lot of contests together, where our specialty is Mega-Sumo Competitions. In 2017-2018 we were European champions, in 2018 world vice-champions, our goal being 1st place at All Japan Robo-Sumo Tournament, a competition where we took 2 times 2nd place and that will gave us the title as world champions.
I do a little of everything in robotics, but what I like most is to came with “out the box ideas”, who are bringing a little advantage in the playfield.

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