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3 May 2019 devTalks

? Hello tech people,

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Here you can upgrade your event experience with the push of a button. So if you’re ready to boost your learning on Emerging Tech Stage, Java, Product Management, Smart Everything, Datafication Stage, Web& Mobile and DevOps Stage we’ve got you covered.

Check the updated Agenda and map your journey through the conference.

Andrei Cristea, Cyber Operations Team Leader @ Cyber Smart Defence + talking about

in a sea of information, with skills and tenacity, when an attacker sends a packet to your infrastructure, it could be too late on Web&Mobile Stage.

Catalina Banuleasa, UX and Design Thinking consultant, co-founder Design Thinking Society +talking about in a world where startups, success, unicorns, technology, robots, innovation-just-for-the-sake-of-PR any many other buzzwords drive the way we build products, where do we place the people, design and designing with a human centered approach? And should we even bother caring about all of these in a “rise of the robots” type of world predicted to be just around the corner? You can attend the talk on Product Management Stage.

Robert Sicoie, Software Arhitect @Evozon + talking about how to figure out what services could they use and how do they have to change their systems to benefit of the managed services the cloud has to offer on Datafication Stage.

Viral Parmar, Founder & CEO at ComExpo Cyber Security Founder at Infinite Defense Foundation Mozilla Reps at Mozilla + talking about How you will be able to Make a simple Demo of basic WebVR application and get into WebVR experiences and Will also learn about WebVR concepts, A-Frame Framework, A-Frame scenes & apps in depth on Emerging Tech Stage.

Cristian Dragu, VP – Romanian Smart City Association and Co-Founder – Casa din Viitor + talking about in the era of AI, IoT, Smart Plants and Smart Cities, what is our role? How we decide to shape our future? Collective intelligence is the most modern approach to human – machine interaction on Smart Everything Stage.

Alex Casalboni, AWS Technical Evangelist + talking about  the ideal solutions and some of the alternatives available on AWS (such as Parameter Store and AWS Secrets Manager). I will also discuss the best use cases for each solution and the corresponding best practices to achieve the highest standards for security and performance on DevOps Stage.

Adam Bien, Java Enthusiast + talking about building a dependency-free ThinWARs (=kB deployments) and answer your questions in real time. REST, JSON, Metrics, OpenAPI, Microservice Patterns, Concurrency, Health Checks included. You can attend Java Stage to meet Adam.

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People from all over the country, who believe the next big digital and human adventure will take place in Cluj-Napoca, will participate in the annual DevTalks conference. Be part of this year’s event along with tech enthusiasts & industry experts exploring opportunities between the Cluj-Napoca ecosystem and the tech world with our main partner MHP – Porsche Company, Accesa – DevOps Stage Partner, Bosch – Smart Everything Partner, Metro Systems – Java Partner, Softvision – Web&Mobile Partner, UiPath – Product Management Partner and our Gold Partners – EY, Cyber Smart Defence & Siemens + Silver PartnersTelenav, OSF Global and SDL.


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