Staying close to the Tech ladies community – Interview with lady speakers from DevTalks Cluj

18 April 2018 devTalks

Every year, one of the DevTalks’ purpose is to find a balance for the gender gap in the IT industry. The actions that we do are designed to support the tech ladies to get involved in the community and to empower them to grow in an industry where the ladies are not given enough credibility.

For this edition, we invited the tech ladies to be part of DevTalks both in Cluj and Bucharest. You can see them giving killer presentations on the Stages, so we’d like to introduce you three of them: Oana Calugar, Co-founder AI for Automotive Startup, Cristina Morariu, Owner SOMESoft, and Oana Sipos, Software Developer Unified Post.

  • Why did you accept to join us in 2017 at DevTalks?

Oana C.: Because this is the right place for us to share what we’ve learned in our journey in the automotive space and to share the trends from the industry, so more people are aware and benefit from the opportunities and challenges in this exciting industry. We’re also looking forward to learning from the participants and the other speakers.

Cristina: DevTalks 2016 was a great experience, both in Cluj and in Bucharest, and great experiences must be repeated, so here am I in 2017 as well. I am sure this year we’ll have even more interesting topics on the seven stages prepared by the organisers.

Oana S.: It is the first time when I am joining DevTalks​, so thank you so much for having me. It is also my first time talking at a conference in Romania, so I’m delighted it happens right at DevTalks.

  • What are your expectations for this edition? How do you think DevTalks will surprise you in 2017?

Oana C.: I expect that the technical talks will have a good dose of business sense and client-focus. Just writing good software isn’t enough; solving a real issue and finding a good market for the software solutions we develop completes the circle.

Cristina: DevTalks gives a special focus to the future, and the things we should expect in the future. And I like this very much. Especially in the current context of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, staying up to date with the latest trends, finding out what’s new and preparing for the future is crucial.

Oana S.: Expectations lead to disappointment, so I prefer keeping them low. Instead, I will make sure to enjoy all the six stages that DevTalks is preparing for this edition. ​Seeing the speakers list, there is definitely lot of room for learning & sharing information with like-minded people.

  • What is the topic that you will approach about?

Oana C.: Imagine the world our children will live in: it will be totally different than the world we grew in, in terms of work, communication and travel. We’re here to build that world and to try to minimise the hassle in transportation, with artificial intelligence and smart user interfaces.

Cristina: As I am passionate about machine learning and artificial intelligence in general, my topic will be in this area. We will explore the challenges intelligent applications will bring, especially in the QA side of things, and how we need to prepare our testing strategy from the beginning of the project.

Oana S.: I will be speaking about an open source project close to my heart: Hanami, a web framework in Ruby. Currently, in the Ruby world, Ruby on Rails, the most widely used framework, is definitely king. There are several other alternatives started within the community, one of them being Hanami. In this talk we will have a look at how it is different from Rails, the philosophy behind it and why you should totally give it a try.

You go, girls! See you on May 17th! 🙂