Speakers’ thoughts on DevTalks Cluj 2017

17 April 2018 devTalks

We are almost 3 weeks ahead from the third edition of DevTalks Cluj-Napoca! Nedless to say, the excitment grows with every edition as we meet more and more awesome people! We were curious to find out more about their drive to join DevTalks so we invited  Alex LakatosTech Speaker Mozilla, Silviu-Tudor Serban, Founder Helios Vision and  Andrei Craciun, Senior Java Developer at Avelon Cetex AG to tell us more.

  • Why did you accept to join us again in 2017 at DevTalks Romania?

Alex: I’m joining DevTalks again because I’ve had a great time last year, and looking at the speakers, this year is only going to be better.

Silviu: Given our great experience and amazing attendees from last year, I am looking forward to again present in front of an audience that is curios, driven and intent on staying one step ahead.

Andrei: I’ve always loved sharing the stage with great speakers and be part of the best tech conference around.

  • What are your expectations for this edition? How do you think DevTalks will surprise you in 2017?

Alex: I’m really excited about the DevOps track this year (I may be biased just a little bit, I’m speaking there as well). But seriously, looking at the people speaking there and the topics, it’s going to be hard to see anything else at DevTalks. Even though the PM track was a nice surprise in the agenda, and I have to admit I’m going to have to make some tough choices this year.

Silviu: This year I am also doing a keynote at DevTalks Cluj. Connecting with the thriving developer community there will be very interesting.

Andrei: DevTalks has made a custom to be a place where things that are hot in technology are debated, presented and I expect for this year’s edition to continue on this trend. Still the diversity of the topics may bring a lot of interesting surprises.

  • What is the topic that you will approach about?

Alex: I’m going to talk about Developer productivity and Developer tools. Basically, I’m lazy, so I like to let all my tools do the work for me. I’m going to teach people to be lazy as well, and use the Firefox DevTools.

Silviu: I will be talking about employing Artificial Intelligence and IoT to create solutions that make the world better, safer and more connected.

Andrei: I would like to share with the audience some of my experience with the various IoT projects I’ve bee working on and specially what happened during field testing.

See you on May 17!