Speakers’ thoughts on DevTalks Cluj 2017 – part 3

18 April 2018 devTalks

We’re  3 days apart from the 3rd edition of DevTalks Cluj-Napoca! Over 50 speakers will come on the Stages to talk about what defines the IT industry at the moment: the latest technology innovations, programming languages,  gadgets, apps and much more. Jay Short, Strategy Director at CTN Communications, and Flaviu Vescan, Game Designer at Amused Sloth – Evozon Game Studio, will be present on May 17th at DevTalks. Here are the reasons why they think DevTalks is not to be missed!

  • Why did you accept to join us in 2017 at DevTalks?

Jay: I have joined discussions at DevTalks as I feel that there is a need to mature the conversations around technology, particularly VR and AR. The opportunity at DevTalks seemed fascinating and the chance to talk to those at the sharp end of shaping the world that we live in was too good to turn down.

Flaviu: I guess that the DevTalks’ participants are a curious bunch, since they are at DevTalks. I find that amazing. The world would be a dull place without passionate & curious people. That’s the main reason I enjoy going to conferences: seeing amazingly quirky people be curious both about old & new ideas. I can’t wait to talk to the people there and hopefully be of use to those that might be interested in making games.

  • What are your expectations for this edition? How do you think DevTalks will surprise you?

Jay: The hope is that I will be able to come away feeling that the conversations around technology have moved on over the past year. I love hearing presentations outside of London. I always hear surprising opinions when I take the time to leave the city!

Flaviu: This is the first DevTalks I am attending so honestly I’m not sure what exactly to expect. I’ve heard good things about the conference, that’s why I wanted to host the talk in the first place so my expectations are up there.

Looking over the schedule I see many interesting topics being discussed so a nice surprise for me would be enough coffee to keep me fresh ?

  • What is the topic that you will approach about?

Jay: I will be talking about how companies need to use technology more strategically. With a focus on the importance of metrics and a wider understanding of the reasons that businesses explore and use innovation with the aim being to create content that has real value that transcends the use of the technology itself.

Flaviu: What I want to present at DevTalks is not centred around a certain technology. If you want to find out about code architecture, shaders or graphics you can already find plenty of content out there. There are thousands of talks, blogs, books and other mediums full of in depth coverage of those so why add more.

What we decided to talk about was something that you can’t easily find information about: the production steps & best practices behind making successful games. This means everything from choosing who to work with, the size of your team, choosing what idea to develop and taking it from a few words on a post-it note to a commercial product.

Everybody wants to make games but very few people actually make a living out of this and there is a huge number of reasons for that. What I want to do is to reach those people and help guide them through what works for us, some of the best practices we learned and what are some pitfalls that most developers don’t know about when starting into this industry. The talk I want to give is the talk my colleagues and I wish was given to us when we first started making games.

See you on May 17th!