Speakers’ thoughts on Dev Talks 2015 : Part 6

12 April 2018 devTalks

Time flies and the first edition of Dev Talks in Cluj-Napoca is approaching. Please find below what our speakers think about the leading IT conference in Romania.

1) Why did you accept our invitation?

Stefan Cosma, Web Developer and Community Lead at Koding : I accepted your invitation because I like your vision and I also like to see where this is heading, since building strong communities is what’s driving our industry forward. DevTalks is trying to build a great community by providing developers with knowledge and opportunities that otherwise they wouldn’t be able to obtain and that’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Ali Kheyrollahi, Solution Architect at Asos : I think we live in exciting times and Romania has a lot of potential to become another Tech destination, similar to Lithuania and Bulgaria.

Liviu Costea, Development Lead at BizPro Technologies : I really believe in the givers gain philosophy and I want to share with the community our experience of running applications in the cloud for the last 3-4 years.

Marius Mailat, Founder and Chief Android Expert at Appsrise : Local mobile events help the community to grow. As one of the fast growing Cluj mobile factory we are eager to showcase our IoT apps and expend our network of partners. Additionally we search for great talented colleagues to join us.

2) What is your message for our audience?

Stefan Cosma : Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Experiment with new technologies. Make mistakes! By making mistakes and trying out new things you experience first hand what’s like to be on the edge of things. Also make sure you help others in the process.

Ali Kheyrollahi : Scientific programming and Big Data is going to change the horizon for good. Better be prepared.

Liviu Costea : If you want to host your application in the cloud then your main target should be autoscaling. During this presentation I will explain how we managed to reach this target.

Marius Mailat : Innovate and stay in touch with your clients wishes. Embrace the mobile world and the IoT case, build scalable solution to grow businesses and add an additional values.

3) How will the future look for developers in 2015-2016?

Stefan Cosma : Since open source development has gathered momentum in the past few years and developing open source project is what’s brings communities together, I am sure developers all over the world will be more community driven in the next years to come. The switch to cloud development is also going to have a huge impact on a large number of developers since cloud services are becoming more accessible and start offering support for a broad spectrum of technologies and framework. From my perspective, developers are going to have a very bright future ahead.

Ali Kheyrollahi : Microservices, containers and scientific programming.

Liviu Costea : As developers we need to work smarter and not harder, to write less code, but with a main focus on quality. And we need to get more involved in the open source movements, especially now that GitHub is the new CV.

Marius Mailat : New technologies bring us at the edge of what is possible doable. On the platform side frameworks like Facebook Parse or Google Firebase (BaaS) allow us to easy prototype on new cool devices like glasses, Android cars, TV, wearables and classical smartphones.