Nicolas Frankel – 15 years of IT experience

14 May 2018 devTalks

Currently working for an eCommerce solution vendor leader, also double as a teacher in universities and higher education schools, a trainer and triples as a book author, Nicolas Frankel will be one of the DevTalks Cluj speakers. Until the moment you can meet him in person, here is what he has to say!

1. We saw that you have 15 years of experience in IT industry. How do you describe your career?

If I had one word to describe my career, it would be “rich”. I’ve been doing on-site development/consulting for customers during that time. All those environments, persons, contexts, methods have been a real eye-opener. Lately, I’ve started doing conferences, and that’s one more way to learn different ways to look at things – and also to meet wonderful people.

2. You are also the author of some books. Can you tell us more about them?

My first 2 books are about the Vaadin web framework. This framework is quite unique, in that you can create modern web applications with only the Java language, compiled to bytecode. It’s designed on Event-Driven Programming, and allows Object-Oriented Programming, so that components can be shared in traditional JARs.
My last book is about Integration Testing. I’ve always been interested in how to make my software “better”, and as a developer, tried to automate my tests. While you can find a lot of books on Unit Testing, it’s not the case for Integration Testing. One of the reason for that is because Unit Testing is easy compared to Integration Testing. My book tries to put words on the complexity. You’re welcome to have a look!

3. Do you have a message for the IT community in Romania?

I’ve work with a few Romanian engineers: they’re great engineers. Never stop learning. Keep up the good work!