Meet the Startups of DevTalks Cluj 2017!

18 April 2018 devTalks

In 2017, the tech Startups will shine on the Stages presenting their ideas and will rock the Startups Boulevard with their cool projects! 27 startups will be part of the DevTalks’ experience that will join DevTalks to present us the projects that they believe in the most. Let’s give a warm welcome to some of the startups that you will meet on May 17!

 Around25 will join us with 3 Startups this year:



hashiruNow you can build complex APIs with minimal code . Why Hashiru? We offer you a lot of advantages, such as unified interface, robust integration, deployment flexibility, managed cloud based solution, business apps at speed, open technology and security.





With CleverWash  you can make an appointment and spend zero time waiting in line in order to wash you car. Also, you can find special offers





pasiimeiPasii mei

Be always informed. With us you can keep in touch with your child’s teacher. Real-time information makes you feel like you’re  there.



Also, Cluj Startups brings out 5 startups with focus on creating personalized experiences for the customers or making your life easier while doing your job or searching a rental house.



Simple & secure multi-factor authentication, transaction authorisation and data encryption service. Integrates in minutes. UNLOQ any web, desktop or mobile app.


HTTP Pulse

This is an easy way to monitor your websites. Stay ahead of downtime, response time problems and broken links.



If you ever needed to find rent in Cluj, you must have surely had a lot of fun, checking the sites below for days on end, hoping to find a nice apartment. Well now, we decided to put all these websites in one place, so that you can find rent easier.




The mission of the app is to reduce the amount of time that a customer spends waiting to be served in any restaurant or bar. Customers can access the menu and they can send the order directly from their smartphone. As your orders placed via the app grow, you’ll get a database with customers preferences.




VoteSpot app is the only iPhone app where you can create and vote on polls at your favorite places. Do you think your favorite restaurant should serve a new dish? Create a VoteSpot & start a movement!


And this is not all! At DevTalks Cluj-Napoca will be present independent projects that will showcase their ideas. Arnia Software PickAPlan are joining our Startup Area, along with another cool startup that cought our attention:


descărcareSilviu-Tudor Serban, one of our speakers that you can see on the Stage at DevTalks Cluj, will present his project, HeliosVision. This includes two versions of Helios: Helios Light is the current working prototype, which aims to enhance sight for people suffering from low vision; and Helios Touch is our concept for improving spatial awareness for the blind.

What we wanted to do with Helios is use next-gen technologies to radically improve accessibility for visually impaired people. It works similar to a VR set, but instead of displaying computer-generated content, the user receives real-time visual data that is captured by the Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera. Our software processes the data in order to provide the most relevant information for people with low vision. For example, if there are some obstacles nearby, our software can highlight them, and tell the user he or she is going to bump into something. It can also recognize people’s faces and assist with reading too.‘ – Silviu-Tudor Serban, Founder Helios Vision, Intel Software Innovator

See you soon! 🙂