Meet Lewis Horne – Founder & CEO at Uniti Sweden

7 May 2018 devTalks

We are excited to announce that we are only 1 week apart from DevTalks Cluj and we would like to share with you some thoughts from Lewis Horne – Founder & CEO at Uniti Sweden. Let’s see how Automotive industry will change our future!

1. What driven you to build the Uniti car?

We could see that the era of cloud based mobility is here, but the purpose built hardware didn’t exist, and needed to be. With the right hardware, we can have a well-connected, autonomy ready platform with a future ready UX. This allows us to improve the user experience, decrease cost, and improve the sustainability of the car.








2. How would you compare your project with the others?

What is it that makes it different? Well what makes us special is that we are redesigning from the ground up for modern usage patterns and designing for the actual technology in the vehicle from a holistic sense. We don’t start with any legacy, we start with what makes sense and very much focus on the total user experience. It’s all much closer to consumer electronics than automotive.

3. At DevTalks you will talk about redesigning the automobile in the context of modern technology and the challenges of modern cities. How do you think the electric cars will impact the future of our society?

Connected, electric and autonomy ready cars will make things more economically available for more people, will offer significantly cooler features, they will be safer, cleaner, and our mobility will make more sense than it does today.









4. What is your message for the DevTalks’ participants?

Congratulations for attending the DevTalks, this decision puts you in the group of go-getters, out there trying to get things done. That’s exactly what the world needs.