Discover Mobility Innovation Solutions at DevTalks Cluj created by Bosch

9 May 2018 devTalks

Our world is constantly moving forward. At Bosch Automotive Electronics we do not simply keep up with this. We drive progress and push the limits. We are the world behind this world. We bring together comprehensive expertise in vehicle technology with hardware, software, and services to offer complete mobility solutions. Come at DevTalks Cluj on 16th of May to discover our automotive electronic innovations used on a daily day basis.

We develop the technology behind the technology.

  • We developed Electronic Stability Program (ESP) – which prevent 80% of all killing accidents
  • We empower new engine management to reduce the vehicle consumption dramatically
  • Our new parking and maneuvering systems are the first steps forwards to full automatic driving
  • Our intelligent components for onboard architecture of vehicles improve the electrical energy management and enable connectivity.

Find out more about our products and services, not only for passenger cars, but also for off-highway applications, two-wheelers, and ship and rail transport. Click here

The 4.0 industry in the production units Bosch in Romania

The Bosch production units use the newest equipment and IT infrastructure for production under the form MES (Manufacturing Execution System), which connects and controls all the work centers for offering a 100% traceability of the products, starting from the first line of production in the SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) until the final step, the packaging area which includes the automated registration in the ERP system (SAP).

The new way of working with a database connected in real time with the production lines stimulates new projects, such as the monitorization of the SPI process (Single Pin Insertion), which achieves the pin insertion; the new IT infrastructure is built based on the Hadoop Big Data Analytic Value Stream Cloud. This is developed in collaboration with the local branch of the of the Data Analysis Services Center for the Automotive Electronics division of Bosch, and allows a real time visualization of all the relevant parameters of the process.

Come to meet Bosch at DevTalks Cluj, on May 16, and find out more about their current and future projects!