Alvin Ourrad – ”A part-time HTML5 game developer who really thinks the web can win”

14 May 2018 devTalks

DevTalkers, we are presenting you a short interview with Alvin Ourrad – Creative Programmer, Learner, Aspiring speaker – BBC News Labs!

1. What it takes to be a Creative Developer at BBC News?

You need a good understanding of the web as an ecosystem, and an interest in news and current affairs, inspiration is everywhere if you know where to look.
Social skills, because you will also interact with a lot of very different people from a variety of backgrounds.

2. What can you tell us about being a developer in the News & Journalism Industry?

It’s really interesting, we’re at a time where media organisations are still figuring out how to exist in the tech-driven world of social media, so there are many opportunities there.
Media outlets tend be old and have existed before the digital age, which comes with its own set of challenges.
But it’s always rewarding as a developer to work on a product that has a meaning and is used by so many.

3. At DevTalks you will approach a talk about how GDPR will affect how we process and store our data. How much do you think the new regulations will impact the IT industry?

The GDPR is built upon some very interesting principles, and I’m hoping that it will affect a real change, as regulations have not been keeping up with the state of the industry and what is happening with people’s data prior to it.

I’m really fond of the fact that it introduced the right to deletion in its text, which I’m a strong advocate of, and I’m keen to see people make use of it.

4. How do you see the future of our industry, from your perspective?

I’m hoping for more immersive and understandable storytelling across the board, which would help getting more people familiar with the tech world.
The resurgence of decentralisation particularly interests me, which gives me the hope to see a more decentralised internet one day.