15 startups powered by Risky Business will join DevTalks Cluj

18 April 2018 devTalks

This year, the Startups Boulevard will gather again a lot of cool projects developed by the local IT community in Cluj-Napoca. We would like to promote and support them, and Risky Business was our partner in finding all these awesome ideas. Here are a part of the Startups that you can meet at DevTalks Cluj-Napoca on May 17th:

ZigZadZigzAD is a solution that generates automatically advertising campaigns for every product on a website by connecting with ecommerce platforms and a very little interaction with the shop owner. It runs the campaign, continuously maximizing profitability, using machine learning to identify best performing products, perfect audience, best time, price and the device to deliver the ads.


BounceMatchBounceMatch is a gamified app dedicated to sportsman in order to help them form teams with compatible partners and book a field. The idea was awarded by Spherik with an intensive programme for accelerating the business, and by Banca Transilvania with support in developing it, and marketing assistance.



exigeappEXIGEapp is an app dedicated to startups, which simplifies all the financial processes. It allows you to play with an unlimited number of scripts, to see how each financial metric impacts the overall business performance and needs, and it generates reports which focus on the most relevant metrics – the ones you need to present to investors. This app saves you money, because you won’t need an financial analyst anymore.


NiftyNifty LAS is a SaaS Learning Administration Solution which has as main focus optimizing and maintaining learning workflow efficiency. It helps companies understand their employee’s needs by planning and organizing corporate training sessions and delivering software solutions.


SkillViewSkillView is an online technical recruitment platform designed to help companies interviewing faster and efficient, simplifying the hiring process. The platform includes Remote coding interviews, Remote HR interviews, Email exams and also Applicant tracking system and Interviews management which allows the recruiter to keep track over the interviews.


PlanablePlanable is an online platform which works as a management tool, helping agencies to communicate easier with their clients through social media campaings. The feedback session consists in team members and clients discussing posts right where they are created, that way you can keep track of the important feedbacks.


CanarySwitchCanary Switch is a UI driven hosted service dedicated to product owners and developers, which helps them to enable and disable product features based on target audience and feature expectancy. Canary Switch integrates easily with your software and gives you control over your features, post-deployment.


RufeleMeleRufeleMele is a startup dedicated to people with busy schedules, designed to pick-up and deliver their laundry, making their life easier. All you have to do is go into the app, order, and smebody will come and take care of you laundry.


ShipShokShipShock is an on-demand delivery app for urgent items. All you have to do is enter in the app, make your request and a courier will bring your pack urgently.



Ebriza offers you the possibility to manage your business from wherever you are. No matter what kind of company you run, Ebriza offers you control and safety by giving you full reports about your clients and providers, about sales and stock management. Also, in order for you not to lose anything, all the informations are kept in a cloud you can access from anywhere.


MI7PLUSMI7PLUS is a tool designed to help traders by providing them risk management services. Based on algorithms and mathematical computations, this app will help you navigate the wide variety of business areas, world events and indicators that all play a role in assessing and managing trading risks.


MUSHIN.FM is an app which allows people to listen to their favourite music in bars or restaurants. By using it in the available locations, you can actually choose the music that you want to listen, and you can also suggest which place should connect with MUSHIN network. This app will change the way people listen to music in public areas, and it will also bring closer the venue owner with the customers.


DataFlow is an app which helps you monitorise your website’s perfomance. It also identifies technical, structural and interface errors in real-time, giving you full reports about it.


DataFlowCanary Wonder is an ingenious agency which provides web solutions and app development. It empowers brands to instantly reach, engage and reward their audience on a personal level through automated systems of communication.


Brainy Ant allows users to “rent” robots virtually, by controlling them via the code they write.

Let’s give them a proper welcome! 🙂 Also, stay tuned for the next round of startups that you can meet at DevTalks on May 17th!