“Actions become solutions”


What makes you different, as a hackathon participant? It is your fantastic ability to stay alert for 24h? Maybe your ability to stay focused even if you don’t have a clue about what idea you should implement? Or is it the tricks you use to win the big PRIZE?


All these things are cool and thumbs up for all the effort you invest in them. What we want to see at DevHacks is the PASSION for what you do which will transform in amazing solutions.


Welcome to DevHacks, where we want to transform the local reality and where actions will become solutions!


What makes DevHacks the best hackathon on the planet?

  • 400 most talented hackathon participants with whom you can network and work with
  • The prizes : the big prize is 2500 Euros. Also, Viva Telecom offers (for free) hosting for 3GB for 30 days to all DevHacks participants. In addition, Viva Telecom gives away 3 special prizes, as it follows :1st place – the big prize from Viva Telecom is : VPS 1 core, 2GB ram, 50GB HDD, 1 IP – 1 year free
    2nd place – Hosting 15GB, dedicated IP – 6 months
    3rd place – Hosting 10GB – 3 months

    *To enter the raffle for the 3 special prizes offered by Viva Telecom, participants must first fill out a form and the 3 winners will be randomly selected. The winners will be contacted by phone or e-mail.

  • Demos, cool mentors, awesome sponsors to give you the inspiration you need to code
  • Fun, Chill, Food, Coffee and more to keep you AWAKE and functional
  • 24h of coding which might bring you the AHA moment you need to find the perfect solutions
  • Sponsors awards, counseling meetings with the mentors, start sessions

The DevHacks Agenda


Day 1 – Saturday


09:00 AM : Open the Doors and start DevHacks 2015!
10:30 AM : Open Talks & inspirational drive
12:00 PM : Hackathon begins with intro and presenting the challenges
01:00 PM : Lunch is served
02:00 PM : Hack time & Mentors come in the house and are available for meetings
07:00 PM : Dinner is served.
Hack through the night!


Day 2 – Sunday


08:00 AM : Breakfast
Hack, hack, hack
12:00 PM : Lunch
01:00 PM : DevHacks 24h Ends
02:00 PM : Demos Begin / Judges deliberate
(If your demo doesn’t work, take us through the code of
what you did and show us what you’ve learned and what is your idea)
6:00PM: Winners are announced & Congrats!


This is a short overview. Hurry up and register your team!
For more info, please don’t hesitate to visit our page or contact the team.
We look forward to seeing you there!


-The DevHacks Team-


This competition will be intense and we are looking to create a different experience for our participants.


DevHack’s long term purpose is to provide the set-up & the right stakeholders in order to develop smart solutions for a better local reality.
Ideas like new improvements at your working place, solutions for your daily challenges where you live, or if you met challenges when needing health care are our aims in having an impact in such a short time.
We want this coding hours to count as a change and innovation in whatever we are dealing with. Thus, we are making a call to unite our forces together and during 24 hours, 400 developers & sponsors could really produce valuable ideas.


Everybody who is strong at software or hardware is more than welcomed.


Coders of any age, who master any language even if it is html/css, javascript, java, c/c++/c#, phyton, ruby, ioS, Android &others, looking for a job or not, interested in learning new skills or sharing theirs, participating for fun or for the prizes.

The Challenge? 

It will adress the following themes with an impact on local reality:

Health & FitnessEducationSmart City

The zones that will be activated can include also gaming & hardware, not only software development.
Each company which will sponsor our main focuses will provide the mentors, judges & prizes.
We offer you the chance to show your skills and you’ll be rewarded with a great challenge and a prize, 2500 Euros (taxes included). Only the best team will win.
Show originality or impact in the local reality and be prepared to be rewarded as well even you’re not part of the winning team. So, show us your super powers!
We provide the space and everything needed to fuel 24 hours of intense solutions making, so bring in your space everything you need to implement your thoughts and above all your passion.


Name Surname

Andrei Craciun
Senior Software Engineer at Intel Corporation

Name Surname

Paul Brie
Department Manager at Evozon

Name Surname

Daniel Ilinca
Managing Director at Cornerstone Technologies International

Name Surname

Ion Meitoiu
DevOps Engineer at Adobe

Name Surname

Mike Elsmore
Developer Advocate, IBM Cloudant at IBM

Name Surname

Radu Amarie
Head of Engineering at Findie

Name Surname

Bülent Duagi
Co-founder at MobileAcademy.ro

Name Surname

Carmen Ruse
User Experience Designer at Adobe Systems

Name Surname

Razvan Rughinis
Professor at University Politehnica of Bucharest

Name Surname

Tudor Cobalas
Co-founder at SafeDrive

Name Surname

Cornel Balaban
Development Manager Mobile at Avira

Name Surname

Radu Dita
Team Lead Mobile at Iron Sheep

Name Surname

Adrian Moroianu
Software Engineer at Accenture

Name Surname

Claudiu Tabusca
Software Engineer at Accenture

Name Surname

Teodora Ilies
Software Engineer at Accenture

Name Surname

Adrian Gaspar
Senior Layout Engineer at Microchip Technology

Name Surname

Claudiu Gura
Solutions Architect at Teamnet Group

Name Surname

Diana Gergeanu
Application Developer at IBM

Name Surname

Andrei Cosuleanu
Executive Director at Let’s Do It Romania

Name Surname

Ciprian Pavel
Solutions Architect at Teamnet Group

Name Surname

Tudor Juravlean
Digital Experience Manager at Vodafone

Name Surname

Radu Pasol
Senior Software Engineer at Accenture

Name Surname

Cristian Neicu
Mobile Practice Area Leader, Mobile Architect at IBM

Name Surname

Razvan Sighinas
General Manager Teamnet IT Operations at Teamnet

Name Surname

Lucian Ghinda
Co-Founder at Devacademy
Registration Process 

Form a team of 3 to 5 members

Step 1


If you don’t have a team you can sign up by mentioning in the application form until the 18th of November

Step 2

Step 4

Please pay attention to the form because this is the criteria in the selection process!


If we will have multiple people without teams we will create teams based on the skills each of you possess.

Step 3


We will choose the teams between the 16th & 19th of November

Step 5


The best 78 teams will take part in the event and will be announced on the 19th of November

Step 6

Step 7

21st – 22nd November 24 intense hours of challenging and awesome solutions


1. LinKuei
Mihai Sarbulescu
Stefan Mihai
Bogdan Blidarescu

2. ABCDevelopers
Batariga Raul Octavian
Diana Burcescu
Adrian Pintilie

3. AdSMSense
Nicu Moanta
Constantin Onu
Florin Ghimpu

4. Beep Community
Samuel Todosiciuc
Ayman Shabaro
Alexandru Grigor

5. Bit Attackers
Constantin – Cosmin Crecana
Dragos Mincu
Dragos Dimitriu
Alin-Gabriel Gheorghe

6. Foobar
Ciprian – Ionut Nutescu
Andrei Ciurea
Vlad Alexandru Popescu

7. Deloitte Daemons
Peter Pito
Vitaly Kondratiev
Keith Darragh
Sam Irwin
Mansoor Dogar

8. Fantastic 100
Arpad Kerestely
Gica Gugui
Florin Moldoveanu
Andi Popa

9. Fat cats
Mihai Varga
Alexandru Tifrea
Bogdan Cristian Marchis
Georgiana Ciocirdel

10. Filthy Gnomes
Bogdan Spoitu
Andrei Lipan
Calin-Ioan Nicoara
Alexandru-Vlad Tanasescu

11. Goldielab
Andreea Baiceanu
Marian Ionescu
Cristian Grozea

12. Halfround
Alexandru Barbu
Marian Roca
Eduard Constantin Ibinceanu
Alexandru-Cristian Benga

13. Boratorii
Stefan Ionut Ilie
Dragos Stefan Horodnic
Alin Sofianu

14. IQ360
George Ionut Sand
Iuliana Bulumac
Mihai Apetrei
Nicolae Marius Ungureanu

15. Pixel INK
Cosmin Lungu
Adrian-Daniel Maroiu
Dan Stativa
Diana Lucia Gurau

16. Positron
Dorel Paslan
Nicolae Telechi
Gabriel Diaconita

17. RoboPit
Andrei Sandu
Ionut Moldovanu
Iulian Ciobanu
Radu Slavila
Alexandru Calin

18. SoftArtists
George Jippa
Vlad Balan
Alexandru Soare

19. StackOverDoseException
Alexandru Buicescu
Andrei Aldea
Adriana Gabriela Alexandru

20. TBC
Nicoale-Teodor Pavel
Claudiu-Mihai Toma
Bogdan Ghita

21. The Drunk Coders
Roxana Stan
Mihaela-Alexandra Puica
Mircea-Victor Voiteanu

22. The Elder Guardians
Silviu Illi
Costin Oprea
Emilian Balanescu

23. Tree Wieners
Ovidiu Gheorghe
Constantin Adrian Plapamaru
Daniel Cata

24. UrbanRevolution
Andrei Madalin Butnaru
Bogdan Timofte
Razvan Gabriel Rusu
Madalina Cozma
Aida Silvia Strimbeanu

25. Flower’s
Alexandru Florescu
Remus Dutulescu
Luiza Ioana Balasa

26. IP4U
Relu Dragan
Alexandru Jercaianu
Vlad-Ionut Cruceru
Gabriel Cristache
Stefan Dan Ciocirlan

27. HD Software
Dan Neacsu
Alin Daniel Iftemi
Laura Manescu
Cornel Zgardan
Adrian Paun

28. Zone Encryption
Trinh Xuan Hung
Petrovai Ioana
Iacob Mihai Vladimir
Meleanca Ionut Adrian
Ripa Andrei

29. Ateluhm
George Alin Varga
Dragos Bodea
Bogdan Chilianu
Smaranda Murarus

30. Corporate Bulldog Studios
Georgian Tanase
Alexandru Marian Atanasiu
Sergiu Turlea

31. Mario
Teodora Lungu
Cristian Ivan
Mihaela Antochi
Gabriel Gabor

32. SmartFoodChoice
Ionut Popa
Liviu Esanu
Costel Radulescu

33. STA
Tiberiu Boros
Sonia Pipa
Alexandru Popa
Vlad Gheorghita
Alexandra Florina Constantin

34. The Singletones
Ioan Andrei Pit-Rada
Mihail Cosmin Pit-Rada
Tudorel Enache
Silviu Dinu

35. Innovate This
Alin Popescu
Mihai Florea
Tudor Sava

36. Terra Incognita
Alexandru Cristian Vasile
Vlad Salagean
Bogdan Costea
Constantin Dumitrescu

37. Marius Mocanu
Teodor Petre
Ruxandra Liliana Lupu

38. Unknown Hackers
Daniel Cana
Sebastian Florica
Radu Bors
Alex Griciuc

39. Giant Hackers
Laurentiu Traistaru
Sorin dor Traian Onicel
Crina Loredana Torous
Alexandru Tutea

40. Stack Spanners
Alin Calita
Ovidiu Ivanica
Razvan Dumitru

41. US
Georgiana Udrescu
Vlad Ionut Ursachi
Rares Popa

42. Smart Solutions
Vlad Rosu
Daniel Ciornei
Andreea Ionascu

43. The Debuggers
Daniel Mihai
Mircea Nistor
Anca Teodora Gusetoiu

44. HACKuna Matata
Florin Viorica
Cristi Grigore
Alexandru Dan Dodu
Mircea Cristea
Claudiu Neacsu

45. Barbosii
Claudiu Persoiu
Razvan Radu
Bogdan Ailiesei
Mihai Pintilie
Nicusor Rugina

46. Overclocking
Laurentiu Gabriel Ghergu
Andreea Serban
Mihai Rosu



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