Dev Talks 2015 Dev Talks Cluj 2016 Dev Talks Bucharest 2016

Future Web

Implementing mobile solutions remains a priority for IT next year & IOT becames more & more popular in the comunity.

Big Data

Cloud Computing is said to have the potential of many advantages susch as speed, agility, flexibility and innovation.

Mobile & IoT

The Agenda is designed to answer to challenges that professionals meet when facing new techniques and new processes.


The phenomennon is destined to help the community to discuss more on the improvements we can bring to the new wave.

Dev Talks 2014 – We’ve been talking about Google Glass, Firefox OS. What are we gonna be talking at Dev Talks 2015, I can’t even imagine, but it’s really exciting here, really dynamic and you get to meet so many interesting people and talk about technology. So, see you in 2015!”

Terence Eden

Innovation Catalyst at the Lab – part of Telefonica

Hello developers! I hear you all are very interested in coming to the next Dev Talks. You probably should. There are a lot of awesome talks here about wearables. There are at least 3 people here wearing Google Glass and let everybody wear them. It’s pretty awesome conference and you should be at the next one!

Cristiano Betta

Developer Evangelist at PayPal

Invest in Big Data, invest in your skills because now it’s time to make a difference for the organizations but also for you as a developer. If you’ve missed Dev Talks, you’ve missed a great event because this is the largest IT conference in Romania for developers. So get familiar with Big Data because it’s worth investing in it. It’s now or never!

Jack Esselink

Big Data and Analytics Evangelist at IBM

I am used to speaking at conferences for seniors, but I was never given the opportunity to come across such a huge interest for a subject that initially presents itself as dull, such as Big Data and related issues.
I enjoyed very much the general vibe at Dev Talks along with the wonderful people.

Cristian Kevorchian

Associate Professor at Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics from Bucharest

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