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Logo Beez Placeholder Exhibitor

Beez want to change the Consumer Finance market, change the way peoples shop and finances their spending, disrupt the credit card industry.

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Logo Auttie App Placeholder Exhibitor

Auttie App is the first tool that empowers the parents of children with ASD or learning difficulties to continue specialised therapy at home. Auttie App uses technologies like augmented reality with 3D objects and text-to-speech…

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Logo Fast Riders Placeholder Exhibitor

Fast Rides is a carpooling platform whose job is to promote responsible use of cars to reduce financial, social and environmental costs through the efficient use of cars and to encourage new approaches to car…

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Logo Modex Placeholder Exhibitor

Modex is a blockchain enablement platform. We radically simplify blockchain deployment so businesses can balance security and innovation. Modex was designed from the ground up as an on-demand enterprise blockchain infrastructure. We started with a simple…

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Logo Xcite Placeholder Exhibitor

Xcite is a device based on magnetic field technology that aims to enhance cognitive performance, by improving the attention span, memory and by promoting wakefulness, most likely like a cup of coffee, but without the…

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Logo Nummo powered by UberPixel Placeholder Exhibitor

UberPixel was created in 2017 and is focusing on developing competitive software applications in fields like healthcare, services, smart home and AI. Our first project is Nummo a mobile and desktop software app used in…

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Logo VerneAR Placeholder Exhibitor

VerneAR provides tailored Augmented Reality scenes for event organizers to embed in their projects in order to give their participants a unique experience and an archiving solution for galleries that can re-map a past exhibition…

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Logo Notifier App Placeholder Exhibitor

Notifier App helps you be the first one to find out about the latest listings posted online. All you have to do is tell us what you're looking for, and we'll send you notifications as…

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Logo Precious Plastic Placeholder Exhibitor is a project that tries to stimulate plastic recycling around the world. We provide tools, tutorials and knowledge to people around the world free of charge. We are an open-source project that offers solutions…

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Logo XVision Placeholder Exhibitor

XVision is an automated x-ray analysis application that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to generate accurate interpretations to help doctors in the diagnostic process.

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Logo Eyeware Placeholder Exhibitor

Eyeware is a Swiss deep tech startup that enables Attention AI with proprietary 3D eye tracking software that uses consumer 3D cameras. Eyeware technology has direct applications in multiple industries, including consumer devices for multi-modal…

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Logo CNEO Placeholder Exhibitor

CNEO upgrades the medical recovery process, using a combination of software and hardware in order to empower the patient. Every patient becomes free to exercise anywhere in the world, keep track of his/her own progress,…

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Logo AudioBrief News Placeholder Exhibitor

AudioBrief News is an app that collects, summarizes and puts in audio format news from topics such as startups (fintech, healthtech,edutech,urbantech,retail tech & e-commerce), technology, AI and global events. The news is collected from top…

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Logo around25 Placeholder Exhibitor

Around25 is the product development agency run by startup founders, fullstack developers, and creative minds who can take any product idea and turn it into business success. Having launched their own products, graduated acceleration programs,…

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Logo Microsera Placeholder Exhibitor

Microsera Technologies is developing digital and hardware infrastructure for controlled environment vertical farms. We believe in a distributed food growing network where food is grown as close as possible to consumers. We enable this by…

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Logo Hero Placeholder Exhibitor

According to statistics, 70 out of 100 people will need a blood transfusion once during their life, but only 3 out of 100 people are willing to donate blood. Hero is a social movement whose…

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Logo Bunnyshell Placeholder Exhibitor

The story: With everything around us going digital, our story began with one shared vision: create a solution which helps people everywhere deliver better products, faster by orchestrating releases quickly and efficiently, with the least…

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