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Career Talk: Analysis Paralysis in Your New Project

There are way too many good choices to be made in the IT world. Lots of programming languages, frameworks, deployment strategies, hosting companies, cloud providers, etc. Analyzing every option means that sometimes you become incapable of making a decision because it might not be the right one. Or you might keep postponing a decision until […]

Teamwork in artistic team

Hard way to break personal preferences just to reach best quality goals. Thing about how communication, respect and open mind is crutial while building personal, team, and studio culture. Based on war stories, failures and successes- this talk is manual how to cooperate, fluently delivering content and not killing artist and managers while rough production.

Breaking into DevRel

A lot of people asked me over the past year how I managed to break into DevRel, mainly how I got to be a Developer Advocate. So I sat down and talked with newly minted Developer Advocates I met during the last year, and a pattern emerged. I’m going to share the stories and the […]