Since 2014, DevTalks Bucharest has become a driver of change for the tech world, connecting IT professionals and developers, businesses and startups from all around the world.

Now, in 2020, through DevTalks Bucharest we want to celebrate this powerful force of the IT community. Talks, Stages, Speakers, Expo Area & Companies, Startups, Participants – everything amplifies. For the 7th edition, we want to go bigger!

On 11 & 12th of June, we invite you to the biggest DevTalks edition with a special theme Back to the Future. 2030. For 2 days, 13 Stages will shape a much deeper and open conversation about how the Bucharest scene is influenced by changes such as Human Augmentation, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Smart Dust, Machine Learning & Robotics, Internet of Things and everything tech that will shape our future.s

At its 7th edition, the mission of DevTalks Bucharest is to enjoy technical talks hosted by 100+ international and local speakers. We have designed two days full of content dedicated to developers, IT professionals, students, entrepreneurs or millennials and also demos and case studies instead of an ordinary presentation booth in the Expo Area. With the help of our partners, we will discuss openly about what are our points and needs of improvement.

Check the Agenda and craft your journey through DevTalks! We are constantly open to develop DevTalks Romania. We are grateful when receiving your ideas and suggestions and we invite you to contribute by providing us your feedback!

Meet our forceful speakers

Iulian Hostiuc

Delivery Manager at Cognizant Softvision

Radu Vunvulea

Group Head of Cloud at Endava

Victor Radu Gradinescu

Co-founder & Developer at Mobile Kinetics

Manolescu Florin

Managing Partner at Academia Testarii

Monica Alexandru

Product & Communication Manager, Startarium

Veronica Stefan

Coordinator and Founder at Digital Citizens Romania

Monica Zara

Business Developer at Under Development Office | Community Builder

Cornel Coser

Senior Manager | SAP Service Line Deloitte Technology, European Regional Delivery Center (ERDC)

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