Monthly Archives: July 2021

Cloud Engineer Alexandru Boieriu on the Challenge and Excitement of Working With Data at Scale

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: There’s big data, and then there’s CrowdStrike data. Our engineering team manages and processes events not by the millions or even billions, but trillions per week. That makes for an exciting and challenging task for our cloud engineers. Here to talk about his experience working with […]

Vocalio, the application that won the Accessibility Hackathon, has officially launched

Vocalio, the winning application of the Acessibility Hackaton competition, the first social hackathon launched by Kaufland Romania, is available today on Google Play. The mobile application is dedicated to improving the communication process for people with speech and hearing impairments. The competition organized by Kaufland was created to help better integrate people with disabilities into […]