Monthly Archives: June 2020


At Cyscale, we know that a safer Cloud means a Safer World. We create next-gen Cloud Security tools to fix Vulnerable Cloud Environments. We do this by collecting cloud metadata information, then enrich and transform it into security Knowledge using graph database technologies. We rely on heavily researched cybersecurity patterns and trends with the help […]


Spicey is an app for browsing reviews on beauty and self care services, this helps business to improve the quality of their services by insight on their customers opinion. Spicey users can compare reviews, prices or even book appoinments faster and easier than before.

3minutesjob is a unique recruiting platform for the untapped market of blue collar workers. We are LinkedIn for the masses. Companies can search our database, check candidates’ datas, videos and pictures and invite relevant candidates to interiview. Our job offers are in 6 languages and from 14 countries but based in Brasov.


TODY is a mobile application for newbie parents who help them to raise their children. The main features of this app are data tracking, medical content, and forum. In this app, we want to present valid information from the medical domain and we want to put our medical and pharmaceutical knowledge on behalf of our […]


StartGDPR generates personalised documents required for compliance with EU privacy laws through a guided walkthrough. The product is designed by lawyers and software engineers, enabling startups and SMEs to self-serve, in a guided way, their privacy compliance requirements. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Access our platform and become GDPR compliant:


„Be the first notified about the latest deals posted on adverts platforms. From real estate and cars, to electronics and pets, you will find exactly what you need with minimal time and effort. You just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do the rest for you.”