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More Efficient Trainings for Air Traffic Control Professionals with the Help of New Technologies

Training air traffic control experts (ATC) is a domain that belongs to the public safety industry where adoption of latest technologies proves to be the right choice for getting better risks reduction. Adopting mobile, cloud, speech recognition and artificial intelligence technologies in the process of training the air traffic controllers, makes it much more accessible […]

The Future of Instant Messaging for Organizations – A Design Thinking Approach

The Future of Instant Messaging for Organizations – A Design Thinking Approach With GDPR applicable since May 2018, many companies started taking decisive measures against “shadow” usage of messaging apps. Continental banned the usage of WhatsApp and Snapchat on company mobiles. Deutsche Bank went even further, by banning instant messaging as well as all messaging […]

Interview with Adrian Nasui, Technical Lead | Senior Manager | EY wavespace

Adrian currently works as a Technical Lead at EY Romania. His work is split between EY wavespace, EY’s in-house innovation center, and other technology projects. He is passionate about creating robust, scalable, usable software. He constantly explores the path to building agile, self-organized technical teams. In his spare time, he reads avidly and sometimes writes […]

Asseco is joining DevTalks 2019

Asseco is joining DevTalks 2019 For the third time in a row, Asseco Romania will be joining the largest IT Conference, DevTalks. We chose this event as part our Employer Branding strategy as it helped us to connect with Romanian and international IT professionals, as well to stay updated with our local market changes in […]