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Radu Vunvulea

Radu Vunvulea is a technology enthusiast working as Group Head of Cloud for Endava. He has vast experience in different technologies and industries. Most of his time is spent working with the cloud, helping companies to innovate and finding solutions to their business problems. He enjoys building bridges between people and helping others to grow. […]

Practical Applications for Automatic License Plate Recognition

Automatic license plate recognition (LPR – License Plate Recognition) is a technology that uses optical character recognition (OCR) on images to read vehicle registration plates. As part of the “MR – IOT – Developing an Intelligent Road Traffic Monitoring Platform” project, we have explored many LPR investment opportunities for municipalities and central government entities in […]

How Do We Defend Smart Buildings from Hackers?

Smart Buildings offer administrators real control over complex systems – smart meters, heating, ventilation, air control, and even vending machines. This body of functions, mostly connected to the internet, has become an attractive target for cyber attacks. In 2013, a building belonging to Google that was accessible and vulnerable from the Internet was targeted, letting […] is joining DevTalks and showcases a new way of visitor interaction, a multidisciplinary IT hub, develops cutting edge, integrated solutions for digital advertising, leveraging advanced technologies and global resources. With innovation and originality at its core, the company combines progressive technology and intelligence to respond and adapt to the latest trends in the industry. always tries to stay one step ahead by developing and […]