Monthly Archives: June 2018

Dear participant, the coffee is served!

We like coffee and, we admit it, we are kind of peaky when choosing our partners who run the real show, to keep up the energy in the conference. Because a tech conference runs on coffee and good Wi-Fi. Things are different when running DevTalks so for us is a year job and one full […]

Meet our Awesome Speakers – Amala Rangnekar, Jock Busuttil, and Radu Ionescu joining us on the Product Management Stage

Ladies and gentlemen we would like to share with you short interviews with 3 of our awesome speakers from Product Management Stage: Amala Rangnekar – Applications Engineer @Oracle, Jock Busuttil – Founder @Product People & Radu Tudor Ionescu – Associate Professor @University of Bucharest. Take the chance to meet them at DevTalks Bucharest!