Dev Talks 2015:   SpeakersRadu Popescu

Radu Popescu

Front-end developer and QA at Small Footprint

Cluj Napoca

I have 7+ years of experience in video games and software QA and about 8 years in the web area, designing/building/promoting web projects.

Specialties: HTML/CSS, JS, PHP/MySQL, SEO, project management.


Keynote, starts at 12:45 in The future Web

While SEO has only been around since 1997, it has gone through many transformations, iterations and even exaggerations over the past 18 years. Many have said that SEO is dead but they couldn’t be more wrong. 2015 will be the year when search engines will try to steer SEO towards today’s reality where mobile devices search surpass desktop ones and where voice search as well as semantic search becomes more and more popular. The keynote will walk you through some of the latest trends as well as offer suggestions on how to improve websites pushing them higher in SERPS rankings.

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