Aurelian Cotuna Founder The Arktech Company

Aurelian Cotuna is the founder of The Arktech company. He founded the company to challenge the future, by challenging the mobile world. When he is not hacking deep into the platform or looking for new opportunities to push it as much as possible, Aurelian is giving presentations to national and internationals conferences on different mobile related topics.

The ART of Java for Android
Remus Octavian Cimpean Data Science Consultant InflectionPoint

Data Science Consultant in nature, free Dacian in spirit, cartoonist for surviving, rocking around

My numbers

1: one decade on data&analytics processes design

2: two sides oriented, business problem translation into DS approach and DS framework embedment into IT appliance

3: three headaches for each data&analytics process implementation: data rules completeness, analytical algorithms accuracy, black swan events capturing

40: over forty and over 40K miles of global flight to deliver data&analytics process design

Alexandru Gherega Computer Scientist

Clojure: I was one of the first senior Clojure developers (if not the only one) in Romania to work on a large/commercial project for a major international company.

* Lecturer at University “Politehnica” Bucharest on Master’s program;
* Lecturer and organizer of Clojure Summer School;
* Attended several CS conference during my PhD years;
* Trainer on Clojure at UBS
* Functional Programming meetup – Cluj

Last year projects & FP Conferences:
* Lambda Days
* XT16
* all projects on

A peek at Clojure
Dragos Nicola Data Scientist InflectionPoint

Scientgician – Analytics Jedi, Avid Sports Projection Enthusiast, Data Science Consultant Desperado, Rock Music Spiritualist



99 – %Passion for Data Science

7 – y.o. – First Modelling Prospect

[0.8,0.9] – Range of ML algorithms validation that get me high

∞ – Limit to my Knowledge Harvesting Potential

IoT Data Analytics appliance for the EU energy market
Liviu Mandras-Iura Software Architect Evozon

I have 10 years of experience developing on .net framework. First years I spent on desktop development and have moved to web development 6 years ago. I am most passionate about software design and architecture topics, best practices and patterns. In other words I consider myself a craftsman and I am very happy and lucky that I can do what I like an also call it a “job”.

Migrating to Continuous Delivery 2017
Flaviu Vescan Game Designer Amused Sloth - Evozon Game Studio

I have a BA in Telecommunications from Cluj-Napoca’s Technical University, but my lifelong passion is gaming so I started my career in Game Development. I’ve been working as a Game Developer and Designer at Amused Sloth – Evozon Game Studio since 2013, where I’ve been involved in a dozen of projects and releases. In my spare time I like to read, play games and dabble in the occasional Game Jam. In 2015 I was part of the winning team at UBIJAM, the biggest GameJam in Romania and in February 2017, my latest game won Best Mobile Game at Casual Connect Berlin.

Games – From Post-it To Product
Claudiu Demian System Administrator Yardi Romania
James Birnie Lead Consultant ThoughtWorks

I started working in software delivery in the late 1990s when TDD was something you studied but never did and a pipeline was something for carrying oil. In 2005 I joined a startup and started to feel I could really make a difference. After nearly 10 years, several new approaches and an Agile transformation I moved on to a career in consultancy with ThoughtWorks. Since joining ThoughtWorks I’ve consulted in various organisations at various levels of Agile maturity all seeking, to a greater or lesser extent, some form or organisational change to go with the product that we deliver.

Being Agile in a StraightJacket
Silviu-Tudor Serban Founder Helios Vision

Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence expert. Intel RealSense trailblazer. Developing solutions to make the world better – Intel Code for Good

Changing the world with AI and IoT
Luke Briner CTO PixelPin

OAuth2 and OpenID Connect
Hannes Van De Vreken Software Engineer & Developer Relations madewithlove

Software Engineer at, open source user and contributor, organiser of meetups in Belgium and also an aspiring triathlete.

Code Reviews beyond Code Style
Alex Lakatos Mozilla Tech Speaker Mozilla

Alex Lakatos is a Mozilla Tech Speaker, Mozilla Reps Council member and contributor to the Mozilla project for the past six years, based in London. He’s a JavaScript developer building on the open web, trying to push it’s boundaries every day. You can check out his github profile or get in touch on twitter. When he’s not programming, he likes to travel the world, so it’s likely you’ll bump into him in an airport lounge.

DevTools Deep Dive
Martin Splitt Senior Software Engineer Archilogic

Martin is open source contributor and web evangelist by heart from Zurich
with a decade experience from the trenches of software engineering in multiple fields.

He works as a software engineer at Archilogic in front- and backend.
He devotes his time to moving the web forward, fixing problems, building applications and systems
and breaking things for fun & profit.

Martin believes in the web platform and is working with bleeding edge technologies that will allow the web to prosper.

Practical Web Components
Zackary Chapple Architect CareerBuilder

Zack Chapple – in his current role as a Software Architect at CareerBuilder he is leading the charge for UI convergence through a unifying vision around Atomic Design and Angular, while simultaneously breaking down silos across products and teams around the globe. Zack brings a distinct passion for software craftsmanship, testing and a contagious excitement for living on the bleeding edge of software. The best part is his background in teaching at development bootcamps for people of all skill levels, which helps him to convey complicated concepts in an easily digestible fashion.

What makes me different.
With a disarming smile and real world examples people have said that I have a knack for explaining content of multiple levels in a way that “they just get it”.

Angular: Beyond the tutorials with tests!
Oana Sipos Software Developer Unified Post

Engineer by formation, Rails Girls Summer of Code alumna and co-organizer of ArrrrCamp, a Ruby conference in Belgium, I am looking for opportunities to grow both technically, but also as an open source contributor.

Hanami — a Ruby web framework in a world where Rails is king
Márton Kodok Senior Software Architect REEA

Márton is a romanian Google Developer Expert(GDE) senior software architect at REEA/Tirgu Mures/Iasi who led the implementation of complex and distributed systems serving millions of users for companies like LogoMix, WaterSmart, Ausschreibungsdienste and many more. Active contributor for open-source solutions like Beanstalkd admin console, and Riak admin interface. Expert in Databases and Search system like Google BigQuery, Elasticsearch, Sphinx. Among the top romanian StackOverflow users with over 105k reputation points.

Powering Interactive Data Analysis with Google BigQuery
Paul Ardeleanu Mobile Software Consultant Lupo

Paul is a software engineer, trainer and speaker specialised in data-driven solutions on Apple platforms with an emphasis on prototyping, best practices and balance with agility. He started programming back in the days of Fortran, graduated with a PhD in Computational Physics from UCLan and currently building multi-platform software solutions at Lupo, a software consultancy in London, UK. He blogs on Medium [] and often tweet []
You should not become a developer

Cristina Morariu Owner SOMESoft

Ph.D. eng. Cristina, has obtained the MSc. degree in Computer Science in 2008 at Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and in 2013 obtained her Ph.D. degree in automatic control at University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers.

She has over 4 years of experience in IBM and over 10 years experience as a project/ people manager. She is a mother of 2 and she is passionate about Tarantino movies.

Towards Structured Testing in Artificial Intelligence Applications
Alex Moldovan JavaScript Ninja Fortech

Coder, blogger and tech enthusiast in general, passionate about JavaScript and Functional Programming, I’m always happy to talk about coding and software development. I’m a huge militant for clean code and teaching people core programming skills and paradigms. Currently I works as a full stack developer splitting my time between JavaScript and Ruby, but outside work, I’m a big promoter of open source software and communities, as I’m co-organizing Clujsers, our local JS community.

Taking React to the Next Level
Karina Popova Head of Development LINK Mobility

Dev/Ops, M.Sc. with wide range of education background in Informatics, Economics and Geospatial Technologies and deep technical experience, based on international professional interactions with representatives of government institutions & companies with agile environment across the world.

Embedded C# in IoT
Radu Vunvulea Solution Architect iQuest Technologies

Radu Vunvulea is a technology enthusiast involved in all kind of projects. He has a vast experience on different technologies and industries and has a blog where he writes about IT trends. In his free time he drives IT communities and speaks at different conferences around the world. In his day to day life Radu is Solution Architect at iQuest Technologies and Microsoft Azure MVP. Most of his time is working with cloud helping big enterprises to innovate and find solutions to their business problem.

Network isolated inside a cloud environment
Bastian Hofmann Senior Software Engineer Research Gate

Bastian works as a Software Engineer at ResearchGate, the social network for researchers and scientists. There he is caring about performance, monitoring, web-security and developer productivity. When he is not developing stuff or looking at graphs, he frequently speaks at international conferences on software architecture, scaling web applications and open standards and protocols.

Elastic scaling with Kubernetes in a (micro)service oriented architecture
Martin Woolley Technical Program Manager Bluetooth SIG

Martin Woolley is an industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience working with computers large, small and ….. getting smaller. He still has a Sinclair ZX81 somewhere. When Martin first discovered Bluetooth low energy it struck him as a phenomenally exciting, useful and developer-friendly technology and a perfect fit in this age of the Internet of Things.

Martin is a member of the SIG’s Developer Programs and Evangelism team and thoroughly enjoys talking with developers about software development and Bluetooth.

2 x faster, 4 x further, 8 x bigger: Bluetooth 5
Mike Elsmore Developer-at-Large BuiltByMe

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