EU commission regulates the Energy Market across Europe in terms that of all distributors have to install Smart Meters to consumption points.

This situation creates a new type of business opportunities/problems: address distributors needs to know customers’ behavior by analyzing data streams captured from the Smart Meters combined in the contractual details.


Players in the market:

Energy Distributor: Data Owner

IT companies: Data Processors and System Integrators

Data Science Companies: Data Analytics/Modeling Architecture (Data & Analytics approach – InflectionPoint)



Due to the fact that EU Energy Market is a liberalized one, customers churn risk assessment becomes a crucial problem for Energy Distributors. Such a problem can be addressed only through predictive modelling, which is a matter of Data Science appliance.

Given that Energy Distributors will have IT partners for data streams connectivity and processing, the knowledge developed by a Data Science company becomes the core knowledge in this equation.


Topics for the workshop:

– energy problem description

– data science solution presentation

– tools for implementation

– demo on the data science solution

– discussion on business development in this area

– data science solution scalability add deployment into client environment

– IT/Data Science partnership framework for solution architecture and implementation