DevTalks’ all time purpose is to gather both top IT specialists and top IT companies in one place in order to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences, as well as providing a great networking opportunity. We feature several interaction areas, so we are sure everyone will have a great time at the event no matter if you are a developer, an entrepreneur, an investor, a student or just a technology enthusiast.

Cluj-Napoca is known for being the biggest IT cluster in Romania, so the decision to choose this as the first city we expand to came naturally. We have already successfully delivered 2 editions of DevTalks in Cluj and what we can say after this experience is that the local tech community is very different from the one in Bucharest, so in order to appeal to this new audience we give the stages a different spin as well. For a full DevTalks experience we recommend that you check out both editions – once you go DevTalks you can never go back!

We are always open to suggestions, so if you feel like anything is missing you can drop us a line.


Exhibition Area

This area is perfect for showcasing your organization by exhibiting your latest projects and provide a sneak peek into the latest technology innovations.


Networking Area

The key component of every event we organize is the power of networking, so we encourage our participants to engage into conversations with other professionals. Also, at the end of the event, the attendees will be able to enjoy the evening with a cocktail party.

startupsStartups Area

Up until recently, Romania was known for its outsourcing tech companies but now we are growing our entrepreneurial culture. The Romanian tech startup scene is still nascent, but it’s fastly growing due to the increasing number of incubators, angel investors and founders. Through this Startup Area we want to give our local startups the opportunity to get out there and help shape up this entrepreneurial culture.


Workshops Area

Most of the times, one keynote is not enough to cover all the awesome things you can build with a new technology or tool. So we want to fill up this need with very technical hands-on workshops where the trainers can really get into details about what these new technologies can do.


Stages Area

The very core of DevTalks, this is where we discuss the hottest tech trends.


Mini-conference Area

Up until now we have focused on purely technical keynotes, so through this additional smaller conference area we want to bring on the plate adjacent but equally important topics such us Project Management and more.


Fun Area

If you feel like you need to take a short break or have some urgent emails to attend to this area will provide the perfect setting.


Live demos

We strongly encourage all of our partners to bring live demos to their booths. This way not only can you continue with in-depth discussions about the topics presented on the stage, but you can also maximize the interaction with the participants.


Engagement through the event app – MyConnector

This is your one-stop for everything related to the conference: speakers, attendees, agenda and more.