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We’re kicking off the third edition of DevTalks in Cluj. This year we have even bigger plans as we have extended our stages area as well as added new networking and fun areas for a greater event experience.

In 2018, we go even bigger! Top-notch speakers from all around the world and great community leaders will join DevTalks to be part of the largest expo-conference for software developers in Romania. Following the latest technology trends and the most requested topics from our participants, the Stages of the 2018 edition will feature: Emerging Tech, DevOps, Web & Mobile, Datafication, Automotive, Product Management, and Java.

In addition to these, we’re setting the Agenda with a variety of workshops so we can bring more interesting subjects and hands-on experience on the plate.

Book the date in Cluj! On 16th of May 2018 prepare for a great networking experience, a bunch of awesome speakers and many surprises from our partners, as we will take out new approaches in software development, highlighting the changes for this year.

Emerging Technologies

Transition to 2045. Blockchain. IoT. Automotive. Smart Dust.


Progressive Web Apps. Mobile Trends. Hibrid Apps. Digital City.


Data Management. Business Intelligence. Cloud. Big Data in Automotive. Analytics.


DevSecOps. DevOps Metrics. Will testers learn to code or Die?

Product Management

Data Driven Product Development. Product Leadership. Product Management in Start-ups. Security.


Java 8 & 9. IoT -the future of Java? IntelliJ.


Autonomous Cars. Connected Cars. Mobility as a Service. Connection with Blockchain.

Expo Area

Networking. Fun. Exhibitors. Demo. Showcase. Start-ups.

2018 Speakers


Ivan Jovanovic Senior Lead Software Engineer Welltok, Inc.

Ivan is the senior software engineer currently working at Welltok. He had been working for more than 8 years for many international companies, like Cloud Horizon, Pathable, Clevertech, Thinkful etc. His focus is on building scalable JS applications and experimenting with new languages and frameworks. He is into functional and reactive programming. Leading teams and mentoring junior developers is his everyday duty. He loves to share knowledge and to write on his tech blog.

Node Microservices – the definitive guide
Alex Soto Senior Software Engineer Red Hat

Alex is a software engineer at Red Hat. He is Java Champion and he is a passionate about Java world, software automation and he believes in the open source software model.

Alex is the creator of NoSQLUnit project. He is a member of JSR374 (Java API for JSON Processing) Expert Group. Currently, Alex is co-writing Testing Java Microservices book for Manning and he is an international speaker presenting his talks at software conferences like Devoxx, JavaOne, JavaZone or JavaLand.

Talk TBD
Florin Coros Founder & Partner iQuarc

Florin Coros is a passionate software architect and developer who has been working for more than 12 years in a wide variety of business applications using Microsoft technologies. He is particularly interested in distributed applications, code design and unit testing. He has an increased interest in software quality and he strongly believes in quality driven products. As one of the fans of Uncle Bob he values his saying: ”the only way to go fast is to go well”. Florin is the author of, his technical blog, where he shares his experiences and ideas about effective code design. Currently, Florin works in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. As part of iQuarc he helps different companies with training, coaching and consulting. He is also a partner at InifiniSwiss, a small and high quality software development services provider, where he puts in practice the principles he values.

Enforce Consistency with Application Infrastructure
Matt Jarvis Senior Director, Community and Evangelism Mesosphere

Matt Jarvis is Senior Director of Community and Evangelism at Mesosphere, engaging with the communities around DC/OS and Mesos. Matt has spent more than 15 years building products and services around open source software, on everything from embedded devices to large scale distributed systems. Most recently he has been focused on the open cloud infrastructure space, and in emerging patterns for cloud native applications.

From batch to pipelines – why Mesos and DC/OS are a solution for emerging patterns in data processing