Rustam Mehmandarov Principal Engineer / Consultant Computas

Passionate computer scientist. Leader of the Norwegian JUG – javaBin and JavaZone. Lead developer. Architect. Speaker. Competency network coordinator for information management at work.

Escaping developer’s nightmares
Eugen Tudorache Senior Software Developer Updivision

Senior Software Developer with over 8 years of experience in custom solutions for web and managing partner at Updivision

How to manage large projects with small teams
Indra Gheorghe Software engineer Updivision

I finished the faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, followed up with a masters and now I am a php candidate researching IoT. I started working as a web developer in my 3rd year and never stopped since. Two years ago I also started teaching php and mysql at BitAcad and now I plan a course for python web. I also teach customer relationship management at FAIMA (Polytechnic University of Bucharest) as a TA. I am currently a software engineer at Updivision. Note: again, please let me know if more details are needed

How to manage large projects with small teams
Tsvetan Petkov Business Solutions Architect Ubisoft Montreal

Business Solutions Architect @ Ubisoft Montreal, Tsvetan is a pro of Hadoop, Linux and MySQL.

He put the basis of the Big Data infrastructure at Ubisoft and designed the architecture of the in-game transaction tool.

Tsvetan loves technology and management talks combos – join him on the Big Data stage of DevTalks 2017, in Bucharest!

Data and analytics supporting the DevOps: data aggregation and analytics
Victor Rentea Senior Java Engineer/Architect/TechLead IBM
Georgi Kodinov Senior Software Development Manager Oracle

Georgi “Joro” Kodinov is a MySQL server developer since 2006. Before that he worked for another database server company and as an IT manager for a major Bulgarian bank. He’s currently a team lead for the Server General team and handles MySQL security, performance instrumentation and client/server protocol. Georgi is based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

AMahdy Abdelaziz Developer Advocate Vaadin
Stéphane Nicoll Software Engineer Pivotal
Bogdan Bocse Cloud Solutions Architect VisageCloud

Cloud Solutions Architect with experience ranging from large-scale web apps and designing big data stores to machine learning and applied math. An inquisitive soul with a pragmatical perspective, Bogdan firmly believes that to an open mind there are no closed doors.

Frank Folsche Software Developer Luminis Arnhem

I’m a fullstack .NET developer that is always looking for new opportunities. For the last view year my focus has shifted from static web-development to progressive web-apps with Angular. Recently my focus is main on Xamarin to build great native apps with a shared code base.

Chris van Beek Full Stack Developer Luminis

As a Software architect / Trainer / Technology enthousiast. I always want to learn more and tackle new challenges. I enjoy to give presentations / sessions about new technologies and teaching them to other people. I am especially enthousiastic about the .Net Technology stack , Front-end development, the Azure cloud and software architecture in general.

Markus Bokowsky CEO and Co-Founder Bokowsky + Laymann

Markus Bokowsky is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bokowsky + Laymann GmbH. For more than 15 years Markus has explored the capabilities of hypermedia in Business Administration. Identifying the strategic potential of emerging technologies had always been a key factor to the success of his company throughout its history. Markus is a passionate iPhone user, and his strongest belief is that the future of the Internet will lie anywhere but sitting in front of a PC.

Andrei Avadanei CEO BIT SENTINEL
Anatol Prisacaru Founder & CEO Bit Quality
Lucian Ghinda Innovation Master DevAcademy
Philippe Charrière Technical Evangelist CleverCloud

I have double life :

by day, I’m “Cloud Master” at a 🇫🇷  company,

at night, some call me “K33gorg” (@k33g_org) and I become a “Golo developer advocate”. ( (Golo is a lightweight dynamic language for the JVM and incubated by the Eclipse Foundation)

I’m addict to Golo of course (I’m a core committer of the project), but too to JavaScript, Electron, Atom and IOT

Terence Eden Open Standards Lead Government Digital Service
Serban Ghita Senior Software Engineer Adobe
Natalino Busa Head of Data Science Teradata

Chief Data Scientist, Enterprise Data Architect, public speaker on Data Science, A.I., Big Data Technologies and O’Reilly author on distributed computing and machine learning. Natalino is Head of Data Science at Teradata, where he leads the definition, design and implementation of data-driven financial applications. He has served as Enterprise Data Architect at ING in the Netherlands, focusing on fraud prevention/detection, SoC, cybersecurity, customer experience, and core banking processes.

Bastian Hofmann Senior Software Engineer ResearchGate

Bastian works as a Software Engineer at ResearchGate, the social network for researchers and scientists. There he is caring about performance, monitoring, web-security and developer productivity. When he is not developing stuff or looking at graphs, he frequently speaks at international conferences on software architecture, scaling web applications and open standards and protocols.

Expect the un-expected: How to handle errors gracefully
Joe Winchester Senior Technical Staff Member IBM

Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM. I work for IBM in England, UK. My primary job focus is to help companies and industries modernize their IT infrastructure to become smarter companies, so they don’t just view software as a way to automate tasks and save money, but to advance their business intelligence through adoption of intelligent learning processes and frameworks. I have been involved in many open source projects, from Java to Eclipse, and am a huge advocate of sharing ideas and code in a collaborative fashion to turn the needle towards the future.

Zackary Chapple Architect CareerBuilder

Zack Chapple – in his current role as a Software Architect at CareerBuilder he is leading the charge for UI convergence through a unifying vision around Atomic Design and Angular, while simultaneously breaking down silos across products and teams around the globe. Zack brings a distinct passion for software craftsmanship, testing and a contagious excitement for living on the bleeding edge of software. The best part is his background in teaching at development bootcamps for people of all skill levels, which helps him to convey complicated concepts in an easily digestible fashion.

Douglas Crockford Father of JSON PayPal
Phil Nash Developer Evangelist Twilio

Web developer working with Ruby (mostly Rails). Also specialising in front end development, producing valid, semantic HTML, beautiful CSS and unobtrusive JavaScipt.

Georgiana Gligor Geek. Mother. Do-er. Chief Tekkie Officer. Tekkie Consulting

Having crafted professional software on the LAMP stack since 2003, Georgiana is living proof that geek girls are an asset to any team. She loves developing complex, large-scale applications with a strong emphasis on performance, as well as mentoring team mates in achieving craftsmanship. Georgiana has experience in every aspect of the life cycle of software development and is hungry for more.

Smart Scalable Content Distribution
Ian Massingham Chief Evangelist - Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) Amazon Web Services
Walter Dal Mut Co-founder UpCloo & Corley Cloud

I am a passionate cloud developer, expecially focused on distributed architectures and scalable solutions. I got a couple of AWS certification as Solution Architect and SysOps Administrator and a Zend Framework Certified Engineer certification. I am co-founder of CorleyCloud ( a company that works in the cloud computing area as official Amazon AWS partner and provide consultancy services for software developement in the web and internet of thing fields.

Vitaliy Zasadnyy Head of Mobile GetSocial

Vitaliy’s background includes mobile application and game development, tech leadership and conference organization. Nowadays, he is leading the development of the next generation in-app marketing tools at GetSocial. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, an active member of various technical communities and a founder of the Google Developers Group Lviv.

Paul Ardeleanu Mobile Software Consultant Lupo

Paul is a software engineer, trainer and speaker specialised in data-driven solutions on Apple platforms with an emphasis on prototyping, best practices and balance with agility. He started programming back in the days of Fortran, graduated with a PhD in Computational Physics from UCLan and currently building multi-platform software solutions at Lupo, a software consultancy in London, UK. He blogs on Medium [] and often tweet [].

Karina Popova DevOps/System Engineer LINK Mobility

Dev/Ops, M.Sc., background in IT, BI & GIS, technical international professional interactions with government institutions & agile companies.

Cristiano Betta Director Work Betta

Experienced software engineer and public speaker within developer and startup relations. Over 10 years of experience in software engineering focussing on frontend and backend web development. Other experience includes various roles as lead developer/CTO at startups.

In my spare time I organise events for the geek community through Geeks of London. These events include BarCamps, HackDays and meetups.

Technical specialities/skills:
Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ember, Ansible, RubyMotion (Android and iOS), devops.

Communication specialities/sills:
Developer, technical, and startup relations (aka evangelism or advocacy), experienced public speaker, technical trainer, hackathon organiser and advisor.

Open and free software, continuous integration and delivery, code reviews, open web standards, digital rights protection.

Mike Elsmore Developer-at-Large BuiltByMe