Adrian Gaspar Layout engineer Microchip Technology

Organizer of Robochallenge. I coordinate my team on robotics at international and national challenges. Among the best results, we were 3 years in a row national champions (2013, 2014, 2015),  second place in Japan  in 2015 and in Europe 1st place in 2016. The results are for Mega Sumo category, where the autonomous robots can imitate the traditional Japanese sumo.

The teams mentored at DevHacks, first edition, have won 1st prize and special prize.

Victor Isopescu Head of Delivery Center Capgemini

Victor is an IT industry passionate currently in charge of building the Capgemini Romania’s Global Delivery Center. With his over 14 years of experience in the IT field he’s excited to introduce you what’s new Capgemini digital era.

Test driven development – Delivering high quality software for satellites
Vasile Voicu Business Product Marketing Telekom Romania

A highly-accomplished versatile telecommunications executive with 15 years professional experience and a proven track record in telecommunication and IT markets. Cutting-edge Product Marketing, Sales and Customer Care know-how with a track record of converting it into real results. Proved results in FMC, Cloud,M2M,VAS, ICT, mobile data and internet both in commercial and technical fields in various positions: Product Marketing Director, Sales Director, Presales Director. Hold a BSc in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering from the University Politehnica of Bucharest , PhD , MBA in Strategic Management and several postgraduate studies in business management, marketing and strategy.

How the Cloud is (not) going to kill the enterprise data center
Open Data
Cristian Constantin Olarasu Head of Product Stealth Company

Entrepreneur, focused on growing technology companies. Background in designing/developing software products and building SaaS/consumer businesses. Sympathy for mobile products and new technologies. Now leading Product @Cuberon

Ciprian Onofreiciuc Senior Oracle Consultant OCTET
Gabriela Bejan Communications Manager TechHub Bucharest
Vlad Raduta Software Development Engineer Capgemini

Vlad is an aerospace industry enthusiast and as a Capgemini Software Development Engineer he’s working on a flawless next generation satellites using the Test-driven Development concept.

Test driven development – Delivering high quality software for satellites
Ioana Chiorean Software Engizilian Mozilla

Ioana is a software engineer that has more than 7 years testing experience with a specialization in mobile apps. Currently she is leading a team in an outsourcing company testing the Firefox for Android browser. In her free time she contributes to Open Source projects while enjoying a coffee or a good wine. She is the Module Owner for Mozilla Reps and one of the MozTechSpeakers. She loves crowded locations made up of 3 letters only, Can you guess what those are?

Andrei Manea Co-Founder & CEO CloudHero

Co-founder of CloudHero, a Docker hosting company that help developers and companies to launch and scale their applications faster;

Founder of Mondo IT – Consultancy firm that help companies around the world to deliver better software, and scale faster through DevOPS, Containers and Cloud Computing.

Entrepreneur, experienced Linux administrator (10+ Years) and open source advocate with passion and an open view for technology, business development, social interactions and start-ups. Multicultural experience with international professional background, evolving form technical fields and management to business development.

Sorin Tarmure Senior Web Specialist Honeywell

Highly qualified, with a big experience in marketing, computing, data information systems and technologies. Providing quality solutions to complex business problems within scope, budget and tight schedules. Extensive experience in online marketing, programming, databases and IT support, technical communication. Flexible as regards moving from project to project and in assimilating new technologies. Proven team leadership skills.

Programming Ethics
Mihai Logofatu Co-Founder & CEO Bittnet

Mihai Logofătu, CEO and co-founder of Bittnet – leader of the IT training market in Romania and an IT solutions integrator focused on cloud and cybersecurity, leads the first Romanian IT company listed by BVB on the AeRO market.

Marius Costin Big Data Team Leader & Data Warehouse Architect eMAG

Data whisperer. Passionate about making data talk and feel good about itself. Data Warehouse Architect. Big Data enthusiast.

Implementing a next generation data pipeline in eMAG
Valentin Ursu Data Engineer eMAG

Passionate about how things and humans work. My curiosity about how we behave and make decisions has taken me through learning code, math, understanding complex systems, how they work and how to use them to predict our needs and augment our lives.

Implementing a next generation data pipeline in eMAG
Alexandru Gurgulescu Mobile UX/UI Designer IBM

Visual communicator, simplicity enthusiast.

Ionut Hrinca Manager Architecture & Tooling ING Software Development Center

Ionut is managing the architecture and tooling department in ING Software Development Center.

With more than 9 years experience in core banking software design and development, Ionut holds a PhD in Computer Science/ ASE Bucharest having his research focused around management of development and quality of banking information systems.

During his career, he worked for both local and global projects and has been involved in multiple programs of core banking software implementations.

Continuous Delivery and what’s in it for you
Marian Ion CEO ING Software Development Center

Marian is heading ING’s global software development hub based in Romania.

Working in ING for 15 years with the latest systems and technologies, Marian now has the mission to help ING become the digital bank of the future.

For the past 10 years, Marian has been managing large teams in Information Technology area, especially in Financial Sector. Previously he lead the IT department within ING Bank Romania, being responsible for development and deployment of the IT strategy.

Intro Speech – Stage Partner
Ionut Balosin Software Architect Luxoft

Software Architect @ Luxoft with 10+ years of experience in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in software architecture and performance & tuning topics.

Architecting for performance. A top-down approach
George Rusu DevOps Team Leader Ericsson

DevOps do’s and don’ts: Avoiding DevOps disasters
Daniel Appelquist Director of Web Advocacy Samsung Electronics

Web and mobile industry veteran with big company & startup experience, seeking to change the world. Senior technologist and strategist covering innovation and standards in the growing intersection between the Web and Mobile ecosystems. Writer and speaker; event organizer; former dot-com CTO; community builder; instigator.

Specialties: building and managing teams; product vision; herding cats; communicating with impact; technology advocacy; web standards; open source; thought leadership

The Web Bites Back
Sebastian Pitei IT&C Director ENEVO Group

Highly focused professional on technology (IT&C), consulting & consultative sales.

Team player with a “can-do” attitude, always pushing further in finding the best solution within the given constraints.

Technologies & protocols: IS-IS, OSPF, RIP, EIGRP, BGP, MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, SDH
Platforms & Software: General Electric TN1Ue, Cisco 7200/7600, Catalyst 6500, Juniper MX240/480/960, IOS, IOS-XR, JunOS
OS & Application: VMware vSphere, Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS), bind, PowerDNS, OpenLDAP, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL
Programming/scripting: Powershell, PHP, Python
Soft skills: consultative selling, technology training (all levels), public speaking, technology & business presentations

Using AI to decipher BigData generated by IoT
Claudiu Adrian Anghel Java Developer UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions

Java developer interested in finding new ways of delivering faster, better and safer.

Doing things the AGILE way
Diana Chirila SAP Cloud Platform Presales Specialist SAP Romania

Diana is part of the new generation of SAP technical specialists and has guided various companies to understand the benefits of cloud development and how to adopt the latest innovations in the field to grow their business.

Multi-cloud and Cloud Foundry – how to leverage the power of open platforms in an agile world
Daniel Leu Co-founder and Business Architect AgriTech Solutions

Passionate software engineer and IoT enthusiast with a big interest in how the business development of the state can be affected by embracing the IoT paradigm.

Disruptive technologies
Catalin Susan Service Line Manager Stefanini

With more than 15 years of experience, Catalin has covered hands-on most roles in software development. In the current role, he is leading the projects and applications management services business lines in Stefanini’s Romanian operations.

Must know languages and technologies
Sorin Gheorghe Team Leader Media Operations Ericsson

Engineer and IT Enthusiast with more than 8-year experience working within service delivery in the ICT business, focusing predominantly on customer solutions within the television and media space. As system integrator Sorin implemented IPTV and Multiscreen solutions in Romania, Taiwan and Brazil. Now he is leading the dev-ops team for Ericsson Managed Player, an over the top TV solution delivering Live and On Demand content for multiple European customers.

He runs on caffeine.

The journey of TV content. From CRT to Multiscreen. From Livingroom and TV Guide to Anytime and Anywhere
Nicolas Boitout Learning & Innovation IT Manager Societe Generale European Business Services

With a PhD in Financial Econometrics, 10 years of experience as Portfolio Manager & Systematic FX Trader in leading institutions in London & Paris, is the Learning & Innovation IT Manager for Societe Generale European Business Services.

Being a deep hands-on and tech enthusiast, his mission consists in keeping the IT center constantly updated to the market developments from the point of view of innovation and technology.

He also keeps a close eye on how to disrupt investment banks research and generate reliable trading ideas for active investors.

Discussing the continuous delivery pipeline of our apps at SG EBS and how we embrace the DEVOPS approach
Alex Pohoata Software Development Lead Dell Financial Services

With 10 years of experience in IT development for various industries I am now working as a Dev lead for Dell Technologies.

Constantly trying to understand the big picture and future of technology.

Disruptive technologies
Stefan Adam Software Architect UiPath Romania, Machine Learning Departament

The robots are coming. Disruptive approach for screen scrapping using deep learning
Razvan Tapu Sr. Manager Business Development & Strategic Initiatives Stefanini

With over 10 years previous experience in the IT & telecom industries Razvan joined Stefanini EMEA in January 2015 as a Delivery Manager for two of the Business Lines in the Applications Division. In the current role, Razvan is responsible for both the continuous diversification of the service offering in the applications space and drives the internal business transformation initiatives in the Application Division.

Razvan has a broad experience gathered working for telecom operators and solution providers, system integrators companies, and software development houses creating operations or business support custom applications and products.

Razvan’s areas of expertise covers Team, Project and Product Management, Business Analysis and Business Development.

Razvan holds two master degrees, one in Telecommunication Networks and Software and a second one in Managing Business through Projects.

The Cloud Ambassadors
Stefan Petrica Technical Project Manager Dell Financial Services

DellOps, the culture of change
Alexandru Gherega Computer Scientist

* Lecturer at University “Politehnica” Bucharest on Master’s program;
* Lecturer and organizer of Clojure Summer School;
* Attended several CS conference during my PhD years;
* Trainer on Clojure at UBS
* Functional Programming meetup – Cluj

Last year projects & FP Conferences:
* Lambda Days
* XT16
* all projects on

Functional Programming & Clojure
Jeppe Langhoff Sørensen Senior Systems Engineer Systematic

We’re always offline!
Vlad Voinescu Software Engineer Deutsche Bank

Vlad is a Mobile Enthusiast, currently working for Deutsche Bank on the DB Mobile Android application for commercial clients. He is part of a special-ops team that is in charge of the security of the Android app that is currently in the Google Play Store.

Vlad also has a special interest for innovative start-ups and disrupting the tech industry, as well as public speaking, leadership and personal development.


Android Security in Mobile Banking
Sergiu Negut Business Angel

• Positive track record of business growth in different roles (adviser, board member, angel investor, manager) and across different industries (healthcare, it&c, financial services, HR, consulting)
• Extensive experience in general management (healthcare, pharma, consulting, commodities)
• Commitment to build powerful teams and increase shareholder value
• Broad experience in business development, including M&A & startups
• Entrepreneurial drive, extensive commercial skills, strong analytic background.

Innovation & money making
Erik Barraud VP Product AdsWizz

Entrepreneur & Product guy, build something from the ground up, scale it. I’ve been focused on how Digital Audio is changing the way users are consuming music while making audio a true additive advertising medium. I love to work on disruptive and new products. Having a multicultural (French & Swedish) and hybrid (business & technical) background I make use of that to the benefit of building beautiful and efficient products capable of disruption.

Entrepreneur, co-founder of WebMediaStats – Audience Analytics – which got acquired by AdsWizz in 2011.

Expertise : Product management, Business strategy, Online Advertising, User experience, Digital Audio, Broadcast Radio, Digital Media. Start-ups.

Bigger than Big Data – Moving from a Lambda-architecture to a Kappa one using Kafka, Flink and Druid.IO
Artiom Darie Senior Big Data Developer AdsWizz

Artiom is a Software Developer with more than 10 year of experience. Before joining AdsWizz as a Big Data Developer, he served as a Full Stack Developer in projects that includes internal applications and tools, e-commerce websites, social portals, multi tenant applications, search applications and more, for banks, governments, town halls and startup companies.

Since starting at AdsWizz in 2014, Artiom got involved in several Big Data projects using technologies such as ElasticSearch, Scribe, Hadoop, Pig, Spark and HBase built on a lambda architecture. Later in 2017 he joined a project that was built on a Kappa architecture using Apache Flink, Apache Kafka and

In addition to being a coder, Artiom is mentoring and coaching some of the younger generation of programmers, and tries to contribute to non-profit organizations in his spare time. He plays foosball, table tennis and likes to run.

Bigger than Big Data – Moving from a Lambda-architecture to a Kappa one using Kafka, Flink and Druid.IO
Paul Robert Cary Founder & CEO Findie

CEO and Founder of Findie, the best video user experience on the web. We power cutting edge branded video platforms, from global enterprises to new startups.

After 18 years in premium retail strategy, communications and customer experience, I started a tech company focused on delivering incredible video experiences.

What A Week With Steve Blank Taught Me (And Other Stories)
Catalin Croitoru Software Engineer MetroSystems Romania

Technical coordinator with over 7 years  of experience in operating and support solutions for Metro Systems Romania on Oracle based applications.

Continuous Delivery is great, does it work also for monolithic applications?
Gabriela Huleai Software Engineer MetroSystems Romania

Continuous Delivery Engineer, with 5 years experience in the delivery and deployment area, Oracle developer focusing on applying the new technologies in delivering the software packages and also on removing the downtime for big Oracle based products.

Continuous Delivery is great, does it work also for monolithic applications?
Aura Virgolici Department Manager MetroSystems Romania

I am currently a department manager, with 10 years experience in different software development phases in Metro Systems Romania, facilitator of Continuous Delivery Pipeline workgroup which adapted this DevOps practice for old/monolithic products within the company.

Automation of boring work has been one of my priorities during the last couple of years.

Continuous Delivery is great, does it work also for monolithic applications?
Orlando Alexandrescu Senior Devops Engineer Endava

I began working as a System Administrator, on a wide variety of Windows (2000 & XP) workstations connected to Windows 2000 & 2003 Servers & RedHat Enterprise Linux. I also have some networking experience (routing, firewalls, SSH, FTP servers, Mail servers, Samba & NFS etc.)

Later I moved on to SUN Systems ERP administration, including some reporting made using MS Access & MS Query.

Moved on to Application Consultant for HP Project & Portfolio Management Center (ex-Mercury IT Governance), where I was involved in big projects for Telecom & Banking. During this time, I performed some presales work for Government, Oil & Gas and Banking verticals, mainly on testing and availability solutions from HP (HP Quality Center, HP QuickTest Professional, HP Load Runner & HP Business Availability Center).

After three years of BTO Solutions, I switched to Business Intelligence and Planning & Bugdeting solutions, with projects involving Banking and Pharma industries. Vendors I’ve been working with are IBM and Oracle.

Specialties: Business Technology Optimization, Business Analysis, Business Process Management, Business Intelligence, IT Service Management, IT Service Design.

I am currently involved in a DevOps transformation project (Continous Delivery), where I am using tools and technologies like Jenkins, OpenStack, Ansible and Docker.

Why Jenkins is the core of continuous everything
Silviu-Tudor Serban Founder Helios Vision, Intel Software Innovator

Researcher and entrepreneur, Silviu-Tudor Serban is Founder of Helios Vision – a Bucharest-based Computer Vision startup – and Intel Sofware Innovator.
Leveraging a background in Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, he develops forward-thinking projects such as HELIOS – which uses 3D cameras to provide people with severe visual impairments a clearer view of the world – and ASTRO – a robot that focuses on improving productivity and safety in the workplace.

Using AI to decipher BigData generated by IoT
Disruptive technologies
Alexandra Maria Varzaru Product Owner of Site Reliability Engineering METRO SYSTEMS Romania

With over 10 years experience in IT, I have successfully coordinated multiple distributed teams in an Agile manner.  I am currently the PO of the SRE team, a new concept for the company on how we are approaching the operational aspects of any software.

I am highly interested in topics such as automation, new technology trends and also best practices (patterns/anti-patterns) in development and operations.

DevOps do’s and don’ts: Avoiding DevOps disasters
Bogdan Maxim Chief Technical Officer for GamMatrix EveryMatrix

Very Experienced and Dedicated software development Leader with hands-on experience in custom development of enterprise integration projects, high availability solutions and enterprise management systems.

Event streaming and processing
Razvan Ionescu Marketing Director Business Segment Telekom Romania

Răzvan Ionescu (Marketing Director – Business Segment Telekom Romania) is responsible for the overall management of B2B Fixed&Mobile Marketing including Product Management, Segment & Proposition, Base management, Campaigns, Analytical CRM & Market research. Răzvan has 11 years with the company, time during which he held various management positions within departments such as Regulatory Costing, Regulatory Affairs, Mergers & Acquisitions and Regulatory Affairs (within Romtelecom, before the rebranding to Telekom). He also held the position of Audit and Cost Accounting Manager in the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications between 2002 and 2004. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Energetics in the Politechnical University in Bucharest (1999), as well as of the Faculty of Administrative Law and Public Administration in the National School of Political and Administrative Studies (2000). Moreover, he also took a masters in Energy Systems Management within the Politechnical University in Bucharest. He would describe himself as an avid passionate of sports – mainly distance running and cyclism – frequently entering sports competitions.

Rustam Mehmandarov Principal Engineer / Consultant Computas

Passionate computer scientist. Leader of the Norwegian JUG – javaBin and JavaZone. Lead developer. Architect. Speaker. Competency network coordinator for information management at work.

Escaping developer’s nightmares
Eugen Tudorache Project Manager Updivision

Senior Software Developer with over 8 years of experience in custom solutions for web and managing partner at Updivision

How to manage large projects with small teams
Indra Gheorghe Software engineer Updivision

I finished the faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, followed up with a masters and now I am a php candidate researching IoT. I started working as a web developer in my 3rd year and never stopped since. Two years ago I also started teaching php and mysql at BitAcad and now I plan a course for python web. I also teach customer relationship management at FAIMA (Polytechnic University of Bucharest) as a TA. I am currently a software engineer at Updivision.

How to manage large projects with small teams
Tsvetan Petkov Business Solutions Architect Ubisoft Montreal

Business Solutions Architect @ Ubisoft Montreal, Tsvetan is a pro of Hadoop, Linux and MySQL.

He put the basis of the Big Data infrastructure at Ubisoft and designed the architecture of the in-game transaction tool.

Tsvetan loves technology and management talks combos – join him on the Big Data stage of DevTalks 2017, in Bucharest!

Data and analytics supporting the DevOps: data aggregation and analytics
Victor Rentea Senior Java Engineer/Architect/TechLead IBM

My goal is to continuously improve my skills in technical consulting and training for Enterprise Java Application Development.

The Art of Clean Lambdas
Georgi Kodinov Senior Software Development Manager Oracle

Georgi “Joro” Kodinov is a MySQL server developer since 2006. Before that he worked for another database server company and as an IT manager for a major Bulgarian bank. He’s currently a team lead for the Server General team and handles MySQL security, performance instrumentation and client/server protocol. Georgi is based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Decrease Your MySQL Attack Surface
AMahdy Abdelaziz Developer Advocate Vaadin

International technical speaker, Google developer expert (GDE), and full time developer advocate. Current interests are Android and Mobile development, including PWA, offline-first design, in-browser database, and cross platform tools. Also interested in Android internals such as building custom ROMs and customize AOSP for embedded devices.

100% Java for modern web and mobile apps
Stéphane Nicoll Software Engineer Pivotal

15+ years experienced Java Enterprise specialist with a record of consistent accomplishments in multiple environments. Java certified developer. Deep knowledge of enterprise and open source products, personal involvement at the Apache Software Foundation.

Accurate, fast-learner with excellent analytic, decision-making and technical skills.

Specialties: Software development and architecture, development lifecycle guidelines, testing techniques, development tools, technical training, release management.

10 ways to get super productive with Spring Boot
Bogdan Bocse Cloud Solutions Architect VisageCloud

Cloud Solutions Architect with experience ranging from large-scale web apps and designing big data stores to machine learning and applied math. An inquisitive soul with a pragmatical perspective, Bogdan firmly believes that to an open mind there are no closed doors.

Scaling Face Recognition with Big Data
Open Data
Frank Folsche Software Developer Luminis Arnhem

I’m a fullstack .NET developer that is always looking for new opportunities. For the last view year my focus has shifted from static web-development to progressive web-apps with Angular. Recently my focus is main on Xamarin to build great native apps with a shared code base.

Real life cross-platform application development using Xamarin Forms
Must know languages and technologies
Chris van Beek Full Stack Developer Luminis

As a Software architect / Trainer / Technology enthousiast. I always want to learn more and tackle new challenges. I enjoy to give presentations / sessions about new technologies and teaching them to other people. I am especially enthousiastic about the .Net Technology stack , Front-end development, the Azure cloud and software architecture in general.

Learn TypeScript!
Must know languages and technologies
Markus Bokowsky CEO and Co-Founder Bokowsky + Laymann

Markus Bokowsky is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bokowsky + Laymann GmbH. For more than 15 years Markus has explored the capabilities of hypermedia in Business Administration. Identifying the strategic potential of emerging technologies had always been a key factor to the success of his company throughout its history. Markus is a passionate iPhone user, and his strongest belief is that the future of the Internet will lie anywhere but sitting in front of a PC.

What’s next in Mobile?
Must know languages and technologies
Anatol Prisacaru Founder Security Espresso

A cyber security enthusiast with strong background in software engineering, computer networks and Linux operating systems. CTO of CCSIR, technical lead at DefCamp and speaker at various conferences. Author of DefCamp’s “Wifi PWNED Board” and “Hack The Bank” projects, and co-author of the “DefCamp Capture The Flag” competition. Anatol is trying and succeeding into growing both professionally and personally by combining the passion for challenges, the desire for constant improvement and out of the box ideas. Last but not least, he is a music addict and a coffee drinker.

Programming Ethics
Lucian Ghinda Co-Founder DevAcademy

Lucian Ghindă has 12+ years of experience in IT (programming, testing, innovation, management, agile) and 9+ years of experience in learning programs. He is the Co-Founder of DevAcademy and Innovation Master at METRO SYSTEMS Romania.

Programming Ethics
Philippe Charrière Technical Evangelist CleverCloud

I have double life :

by day, I’m “Cloud Master” at a 🇫🇷  company,

at night, some call me “K33gorg” (@k33g_org) and I become a “Golo developer advocate”. ( (Golo is a lightweight dynamic language for the JVM and incubated by the Eclipse Foundation)

I’m addict to Golo of course (I’m a core committer of the project), but too to JavaScript, Electron, Atom and IOT

GOLO, the tiny language that gives super powers
Serban Ghita Senior Software Engineer Adobe

Application Developer, Database Administrator, and Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications based on PHP & MySQL. Experienced in SMB management decisions. Open-source contributor, see projects at

Current interests: Code quality, JavaScript, HTML5 games and Canvas 2d optimization, single page web applications (SPA). Always looking for start-ups.

My specialties are PHP & MySQL, Apache & modules, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript. W3C “Mobile Web 1: Best Practices” certified.

How I learned JavaScript/TypeScript by making and playing a HTML5 game
Natalino Busa Head of Data Science Teradata

Chief Data Scientist, Enterprise Data Architect, public speaker on Data Science, A.I., Big Data Technologies and O’Reilly author on distributed computing and machine learning. Natalino is Head of Data Science at Teradata, where he leads the definition, design and implementation of data-driven financial applications. He has served as Enterprise Data Architect at ING in the Netherlands, focusing on fraud prevention/detection, SoC, cybersecurity, customer experience, and core banking processes.

Building Data Driven Applications with Jupyter Gateway, and Python and Spark
Bastian Hofmann Senior Software Engineer ResearchGate

Bastian works as a Software Engineer at ResearchGate, the social network for researchers and scientists. There he is caring about performance, monitoring, web-security and developer productivity. When he is not developing stuff or looking at graphs, he frequently speaks at international conferences on software architecture, scaling web applications and open standards and protocols.

Expect the un-expected: How to handle errors gracefully
DevOps do’s and don’ts: Avoiding DevOps disasters
Douglas Crockford Father of JSON PayPal

Douglas Crockford was born in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota, but left when he was only six months old because it was just too damn cold. He turned his back on a promising career in television when he discovered computers. He has worked in learning systems, small business systems, office automation, games, interactive music, multimedia, location-based entertainment, social systems, and programming languages. He is the inventor of Tilton, the ugliest programming language that was not specifically designed to be an ugly programming language. He is best known for having discovered that there are good parts in JavaScript. This was an important and unexpected discovery. He also discovered JSON, the world’s most loved data interchange format. He is currently working on making the web a secure and reliable software delivery platform. He has his work cut out for him. He works at PayPal.

Phil Nash Developer Evangelist Twilio

Web developer working with Ruby (mostly Rails). Also specialising in front end development, producing valid, semantic HTML, beautiful CSS and unobtrusive JavaScipt.

An empty database in every pocket
Georgiana Gligor Geek. Mother. Do-er. Chief Tekkie Officer. Tekkie Consulting

Having crafted professional software on the LAMP stack since 2003, Georgiana is living proof that geek girls are an asset to any team. She loves developing complex, large-scale applications with a strong emphasis on performance, as well as mentoring team mates in achieving craftsmanship. Georgiana has experience in every aspect of the life cycle of software development and is hungry for more.

Smart Scalable Content Distribution
Ian Massingham Chief Evangelist - Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) Amazon Web Services

I lead technology evangelism for Amazon Web Services in the Europe, Middle East & Africa region.

I am a technologist with extensive experience in managed services – from innovation & product development through to technology architecture and platform design to business development & operations.

Focus areas include:

– Cloud computing
– Software engineering and platform operations
– Technology and solutions architecture
– Strategy development and execution within integrated IT & telecommunications service providers
– Service provider business models

Getting Started with AWS Lambda & the Serverless Cloud
Open Data
Vitaliy Zasadnyy Head of Mobile GetSocial

Vitaliy’s background includes mobile application and game development, tech leadership and conference organization. Nowadays, he is leading the development of the next generation in-app marketing tools at GetSocial. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, an active member of various technical communities and a founder of the Google Developers Group Lviv.

Tech Leadership
Paul Ardeleanu Mobile Software Consultant Lupo

Programming Ethics
Dragos Stoica Teaching Assistant University Politehnica of Bucharest

My name is Dragos STOICA. I am 42 years old.
I have two kids and I enjoy rediscovering nature and life from a different perspective with them.
I confess I started programming in 1988. I wrote my first mobile application back in 2005 under J2ME. Since 2007 I am freelancer in IT involved in various industries both private and government agencies.
I team up with intelligent people, share our projects and ideas with you, with the ultimate purpose to have fun together. I invite all serious investors to join our projects and build the future together.

Radu-Sebastian Amarie Head of Engineering Findie

Open Data
Using AI to decipher BigData generated by IoT
Paul Ardeleanu Mobile Software Consultant Lupo

Paul is a software engineer, trainer and speaker specialised in data-driven solutions on Apple platforms with an emphasis on prototyping, best practices and balance with agility. He started programming back in the days of Fortran, graduated with a PhD in Computational Physics from UCLan and currently building multi-platform software solutions at Lupo, a software consultancy in London, UK. He blogs on Medium [] and often tweet [].

You should not become a developer
Karina Popova DevOps/System Engineer LINK Mobility

Dev/Ops, M.Sc., background in IT, BI & GIS, technical international professional interactions with government institutions & agile companies.

Combining AI and IoT. New Industrial Revolution in our houses, bodies and in the Universe
Cristiano Betta Director Work Betta

Experienced software engineer and public speaker within developer and startup relations. Over 10 years of experience in software engineering focussing on frontend and backend web development. Other experience includes various roles as lead developer/CTO at startups.

In my spare time I organise events for the geek community through Geeks of London. These events include BarCamps, HackDays and meetups.

Technical specialities/skills:
Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ember, Ansible, RubyMotion (Android and iOS), devops.

Communication specialities/sills:
Developer, technical, and startup relations (aka evangelism or advocacy), experienced public speaker, technical trainer, hackathon organiser and advisor.

Open and free software, continuous integration and delivery, code reviews, open web standards, digital rights protection.

The State of Encryption
Mike Elsmore Developer-at-Large BuiltByMe

As with most people in software I spend most of my life at a keyboard, but I’m lucky that my hobby is my job.

I spend my time helping others (and myself) to learn new things, and occasionally solve different and difficult problems.


Optimise this!
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