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DevTalks for Juniors is specifically a one day bootcamp concept with focus on know-how and developing new technical skills and giving drive on taking action for a better understanding of the field. The talks and networking with speakers or other professionals are about finding insightful ideas and solutions about the most desired technologies nowadays.

We have imagined that you have lots of questions that you want to address so why not give it a try? The location + the format are built around a free style in order to just approach whatever you want.

Check the dynamic agenda and book the sessions you want to attend. The conferences and seminars will follow two large tracks with topics on Embedded & IoT and Web & Mobile. Simultaneously, we’ve prepared workshop rooms that will emphasize the best out current technologies such as Java, .NET, PHP, C++/C# and much more.

Also, DevTalks for Juniors will be an amazing networking opportunity where you can share ideas with other top juniors and have informal discussions with professionals from the IT&C field.

May sound as a big challenge for us, but let’s get you empowered as future professional in the IT&C field!

We`ll be there on 12th of November, in Bucharest! What about you?

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Ana-Maria Pasparan Application Developer IBM Romania
Silvia Stegaru Teaching Assistant &Associate Researcher Politehnica University of Bucharest
Alex Lakatos Senior JavaScript Developer PayTouch

Alex Lakatos has been a Mozilla Representative Mentor and contributor to the Mozilla project for the past five years, based in London. JavaScript developer building on the open web, he has been pushing its boundaries every day. You can check out his github profile or get in touch on twitter. When he’s not programming, he likes to travel the world, so it’s likely you’ll bump into him in an airport lounge.

Kevin Pelgrims Mobile Developer LEO Innovation Lab

Kevin is a mobile developer with a focus on Android and a history in .NET and web development. He is a co-organizer and regular speaker at DroidDevs CPH, and wrote a book titled Gradle for Android. In his spare time, he works on Forward, a service that tries to combine reuse and charity in one simple app. He occasionally writes about his experiences on kevinpelgrims.com.


Embedded & IoT
Web & Mobile

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